Translation of fat cat in Spanish:

fat cat

potentado, n.

See Spanish definition of potentado


  • 1

    potentado masculine
    potentada feminine
    fat-cat salary sueldo de potentados
    • fat-cat profits pingües beneficios
    • What fat-cat politico wouldn't quake in his boots after a sufficient tongue lashing from this powder keg of fairy dust?
    • If the move lines the pockets of a few fat-cat directors, then that is probably because their remuneration is linked to the profits of the company.
    • National wants to sell out our independence in the vain hope of economic benefit for their fat-cat supporters.
    • But, in the end, I don't really care to stand here and tell you what a liar this or that politician or clerical hierarch or fat-cat business tycoon is.
    • He keeps his savings and loan company alive during the depression by reaching out to the tired, poor, and huddled masses spurned by his fat-cat competitor.
    • These are two fat-cat millionaires who couldn't be more out of touch with Ohio.
    • The real news story is in Arizona and Maine, where Clean Elections laws provide public funding for candidates who avoid fat-cat donors.
    • All have enthusiastically pursued policies of privatization, flogging off public services to fat-cat entrepreneurs.
    • We're tired of all these fat-cat lackeys who are hungering for power.
    • Unfortunately, when one is in the hands of a monopoly supplier, the only things you can be sure of are increased bills and fat-cat bosses.
    • When they are privately-owned, they are accountable only to shareholders and fat-cat directors.