Translation of fatal in Spanish:


mortal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪdl/ /ˈfeɪt(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (causing death)
    (accident/injury/illness) mortal
    it is not known who fired the fatal shot no se sabe quién disparó el tiro que le causó la muerte
    • But we know they are carrying a deadly parasite which has proved fatal to two species.
    • The result would be fatal to most motorists as vehicles are likely to be damaged.
    • This protects the foliage from cold and wind damage as even the walk between shop and car can be fatal to tender plants.
    • The bug causes diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fever and can be fatal to babies, the old and the sick.
    • It contains an alkaloid toxin which can be fatal to horses and other livestock.
    • It was great beyond measure, lasted a long time and was particularly fatal to children.
    • The result of a fatal accident inquiry into her death is due later this year.
    • Is it really worth a potentially fatal accident just to avoid having your picture taken?
    • I looked at the CDC site, and it seems that the disease is not invariably fatal.
    • Once a person develops symptoms, the disease is usually fatal.
    • Unlike bees they have an unlimited ability to sting, although the venom rarely proves fatal in humans.
    • Rabies is an invariably fatal viral disease caused by the bite of an infected animal, usually a dog.
    • The last fatal shooting attributed to the sniper took place Tuesday.
    • They can inflict a serious, and sometimes fatal, injury and should be treated with respect.
    • The condition can be fatal if a clot travels to the heart or lungs.
    • The wound was fatal, but not quick, he would be dying for days.
    • Speeding is now a factor in one in four fatal crashes on our roads.
    • He knew it was a fatal wound caused by a special type of ammunition.
    • Only about 25 of the 1,500 known species of scorpions can deliver stings that are fatal to humans.
    • The spores transform into the anthrax bacteria, which produce a toxin that can be fatal to humans and animals.
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    (decision/mistake) fatídico
    (decision/mistake) de funestas consecuencias
    fatal to sth
    • However, a couple of fatal flaws in an otherwise solid defence proved costly.
    • It's a fatal flaw in what otherwise has the makings of an entertainingly quirky show.
    • However, when I'd finished the process I discovered a fatal flaw in the new software.
    • They were buoyed up by hope, and often they were brought down their own fatal flaws.
    • What are the fatal flaws that bring him into such contempt among his own peer group?
    • That is why I cannot quite put my finger on what you say is the fatal flaw in this legislation.
    • These could be produced economically and in quantity, but suffered a fatal flaw.
    • Sometimes it's the way the software is designed that is determined to be the fatal flaw.
    • On each occasion, there was the same, potentially fatal, flaw in the system.
    • So, tactically, it is a masterstroke, with one fatal flaw.
    • But leaving the film to its own devices proves very nearly fatal.
    • Those sort of leaders are just as fatal to regimental morale as the control freaks.
    • Many believe that a second whistleblower could prove fatal to the Government.
    • That this was never permanently achieved proved fatal to their Mediterranean strategy.
    • This would be fatal to the central purpose of the BBC, which is to take creative risk.
    • We say it is fatal to the defendants' case that they cannot prove those accusations to be true.
    • Thus the Inspector's failure to consider this aspect is not fatal to his decision.
    • The decision was fatal to what little possibility remained of restoring order in the country.
    • If you have a lazy agent, it could prove fatal to your dealings with your tenant.
    • Her delay in complaining thus might have been fatal to her claim.
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    the fatal day/hour el día/la hora fatal