Translation of fatalism in Spanish:


fatalismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪdlˌɪzəm/ /ˈfeɪt(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


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    fatalismo masculine
    • The difference reflects the difference between an eschatology of kingdom transformation and hope versus an eschatology of inevitable deterioration and fatalism.
    • Waiting for the inevitable dose of fatalism this analogy provides is somewhat predicable but thoroughly enjoyable.
    • In the end, the novel's central characters embrace a blend of classical and Shakespearean fatalism mixed with existential solipsism.
    • The lack of historical consciousness breeds skepticism and fatalism.
    • While the book has hints of exasperation and annoyance, it does not descend into fatalism or inevitability, always seeking to expose the basis of creative pathways for forestry.
    • Instead, it's a practical sort of fatalism that breeds a desire for death.
    • At this stage there is a cultural or philosophical change from fatalism and determinism towards entrepreneurship and the taking of risks.
    • More disturbing is the movie's sentimental fatalism about the inevitability of violence.
    • People imbued with intensely tribal values often alternate between manic activism and depressed fatalism.
    • The fatalism that goes with monism suits both her toughness and her optimism.
    • This isn't exactly despair, or fatalism, or condemnation, or stoicism.
    • Previous efforts to understand attitudes toward early detection have sometimes assigned a significant role to the specific concept of cancer fatalism and fatalism generally.
    • The play is one of the most potent amalgams of the Bard's keen psychological observation, tragic fatalism, and bitingly intelligent verbal and conceptual humor.
    • A strong belief in fatalism lends to the acceptance of social and economic inequality.
    • The relationship between fatalism, spirituality, and health promoting behaviors in African American women must be further examined.
    • Their fatalism, existential conflict and schizophrenia are very close to Greek tragedy.
    • Free will rather than fatalism characterizes the operation of karma.
    • But the waves of pure love always have their own logic, rationality and fatalism.
    • If we are to circumvent the immobilizing effects of political fatalism and cynicism, the political imagination must find a basis for hope in the future.