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destino, n.

Pronunciación /feɪt/

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  • 1

    destino masculino
    I wonder what fate has in store for us now me pregunto qué nos deparará el destino
    • fate meant us to meet el destino quiso que nos conociéramos
    • By a strange twist of fate, that actually is what the book was called.
    • Yet by an ironic twist of fate he is blind to the world around him, losing Dot, who is expecting his child, to a pastry maker.
    • However, it was a cruel twist of fate that robbed him yet again of a sprint race win and, therefore, of an Irish double.
    • In a remarkable twist of fate, they get locked in the storeroom together.
    • It is a cruel twist of fate, especially with a new presidency that few expect to benefit the poorest of Americans.
    • A calendrical twist of fate found us celebrating Christmas this year on the middle day of December.
    • A mother has been reunited with a daughter she had not spoken to for 15 years in an amazing twist of fate.
    • Remarkably, he found the right words to comfort those affected by the cruellest twist of fate.
    • Maybe in a strange twist of fate, Mom and Dad would be in bed sleeping.
    • It was a simple twist of fate that introduced him to the chartered accountancy profession.
    • Then in a twist of fate her eye's are raised, they meet mine and I can feel all my insides turn to jelly.
    • Sadly, in a cruel twist of fate, he was killed in a car accident just a few months later, aged just 21.
    • But, in a somewhat cruel twist of fate, you will also not remember to go out and buy it.
    • Yet in a pathetic twist of fate, John's final act was the ultimate percentage play.
    • By an ironic twist of fate, each of the four sides in the hat must face up to a derby match on the deciding Saturday.
    • They forge a relationship based on their common sense of helplessness in the face of the overwhelming power of fate.
    • Kane understood the power of fate, and the inevitability of consequence.
    • He will live on for as long as the world remains daft and cruel fate chooses to mock us all.
    • She was about to send off an application to drama school when fate intervened.
    • And from time to time, nature and fate conspire to bring a mortal down.
  • 2

    (one's lot, end)
    suerte femenino
    to decide sb's fate decidir la suerte que ha de correr algn
    • it was my fate to have to talk to her tuvo que tocarme a mí hablar con ella
    • to meet one's fate encontrar la muerte
    • Men controlled the fates of women, whose expected aim in life was to marry well.
    • While their paths diverged after 1990, their fates are entwined again this season.
    • Did they realize too, that their fates were inextricably fixed to the outcome of that day's actions?
    • Stock options were a way to make executives more involved with the fates of the companies.
    • What lies ahead then will be the struggle to avoid these two fates.
    • He may have to live in exile from his own country, and while this is unfortunate, there are worse fates.
    • Much the same fate has apparently befallen many other fairly despicable celebrities.
    • Earth would have suffered the same fate had it been just a little closer to the Sun.
    • Haven't churches, synagogues and mosques met the same fate at the hands of vandals?
    • I died a little for him that day, because I knew his fate was sealed.
    • He also wanted to know how many other importers have suffered a similar fate.
    • If you were to build a snowman, it would suffer a fate worse than death.
    • Such efficiency gains could play a crucial role in determining the ultimate fate of satellite broadband.
    • Besides, this is the battle that will decide the fate of our world.
    • We have seen that inflation tells us nothing about the ultimate fate of the Universe.
    • He now realized that she had saved him from a fate worse than death.
    • We learned from past elections that the nation's fate depends on whom the people choose as the president.
    • Over 100,000 have already crossed the border into Liberia and to an uncertain fate.
    • We understand your need for privacy, but the fate of mankind outweighs this need.
    • Max felt that the fate of all mankind depended on this one decision.
    • It is easy to see that this was the logical response to the dawning realisation of death as the fate of us all.
    • His fate, death by firing squad, would hardly seem a cause for celebration.
    • Jesus is not praying to be rescued from death, for that is the fate of all human beings.
    • It's a sad tale of the fate of a whistleblower, and a dark rump of cop culture.
    • Some bodies had become tourist attractions as inquisitive locals came to view the fate of their former rulers.
    • Over the next century, nine major searches added to the sense that the party had met an almost supernatural fate.
  • 3Fates

    the Fates las Parcas
    • They're called the three Fates: The Clotho, The Lachesis and The Atropos, named after the Greek mythology.
    • And the sort of Goddess which the Fates held out to me was contained in the Old Religion.
    • Atropos is the name of one of the Fates, mythical beings who controlled the destinies of humans.
    • The three Fates, or Moirai, were the offspring of Zeus and the Titan Themis.
    • To the Greeks, your destiny was in the hands of the Fates, three heartless old women.