Traducción de fatherly en español:


paternal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfɑðərli/ /ˈfɑːðəli/

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    he gave him some fatherly advice lo aconsejó como un padre
    • This is commendable because the children will continue to have fatherly care, protection and support.
    • Paul was taken aback by the fatherly protective instincts that seemed to well up from deep inside him.
    • He's being fatherly and affectionate, and I can tell she's soaking it up, so I won't join them.
    • And as he saw her making more of an effort each day, his esteem for her grew with an almost fatherly affection.
    • God's kingdom is one of fatherly and motherly compassion, not dominating majesty or slavish subjection.
    • It was then that I noticed he was peacefully asleep, leaving me to savour a moment of high quality fatherly tenderness.
    • Then he broke into hearty laughter, and strangely, patted my shoulder in an almost fatherly manner.
    • His sweaty hand grabs my shoulder in a fatherly gesture as he comes to sit down on the bar stool beside me.
    • He's a fatherly, compassionate figure here, much concerned for the well-being of the tenants on his Sandringham estate.
    • Only the presence of the Huntsman provides any sort of male-oriented fatherly compassion.
    • His embrace was warm and fatherly, something Ashley had missed growing up.
    • He is down-to-earth, friendly, fatherly and a seemingly great representative for the conscious movement.
    • My dad never really felt the need to have the fatherly sit-down with me, and while my mom is very hip, she's a puppeteer.
    • Right now, everyone could use a little fatherly advice.
    • I was getting the fatherly stuff I now realise I wasn't getting at home.
    • Kenny has an incredibly smooth, ultra-relaxed phone voice that evokes an image of a strong, fatherly type.
    • We thank him for having been a wonderful fatherly figure to us.
    • He took on a fatherly role and I started to call him dad.
    • Is there one piece of fatherly advice that sums him up?
    • At the time, I think I dismissed his comment as silly fatherly sentiment.