Translation of fatso in Spanish:


gordo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfætsoʊ/ /ˈfatsəʊ/

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  • 1

    gordo masculine
    gorda feminine
    guatón masculine Chile, Peru informal
    guatona feminine Chile, Peru informal
    • A genuine fatso - looking for the easy way out - would not have the strength or willpower to actually do those exercises!
    • The more demure ladies in the group recoiled in horror, but my fatso friends and I peered at this formidable dish in silent wonder.
    • Here was this strange little fatso living in my sister's kitchen, a sympathetic listener turning again and again to ask, ‘So, really, how are you?’
    • This message goes out to the guy who yelled out at me when I was walking up St-Laurent on Saturday night: ‘Keep eating your sandwich, fatso.’
    • Most people who buy mobile phones seem to manage it just fine, fatso.
    • So keep eating your sandwich, fatso, and you're gonna gain an extra 40 pounds on top of that!
    • You deserved it, you self-righteous ugly fatso.
    • I would never dream of going up to an overweight person and saying, ‘Hey fatso, how's it going?’
    • He yelled a series of expletives at his unwitting assassin, a volley that culminated in the words: ‘Watch it, fatso!’
    • She wasn't expecting her idea would be accepted, but she didn't like the idea of working for this fatso as one of the lowest servants either.