Translation of fault in Spanish:


culpa, n.

Pronunciation /fɔlt/ /fɔːlt/ /fɒlt/

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  • 1

    (responsibility, blame)
    culpa feminine
    whose fault is it? ¿quién tiene la culpa?
    • it's your fault tú tienes la culpa
    • it's not my fault yo no tengo la culpa
    • That fact, however, does not, in my judgment, acquit the claimant of any responsibility or fault for the accident that so arises.
    • These signs will provide some recognition for road victims who died through no fault of their own.
    • These 18 people died through no fault of their own.
    • The organisation does not compensate uninsured drivers who are involved in accidents and hurt through no fault of their own.
    • Through no fault of their own, these defendants were not trained in the regulations that govern the demolition of chimneys.
    • But it wasn't all my fault; the computer had again malfunctioned, and I was actually up at almost 15,000 feet.
    • Most of the time, a fall in popularity is the own fault of the game developers.
    • I never really got into it, though I gather that was more my fault than the game's.
    • I admit that some of the antagonism between myself and various health services has been my fault.
    • The officer replied saying it was not his fault but the rules were that we have not got enough points.
    • Not all SEOs are bad, but if you fail to research and you buy bad services that is the fault of the buyer.
    • If users happened to be trading pirated music it was no more their fault than it's the fault of the postal service if people mail home-taped cassettes to one another.
    • It's not their fault that the rules are archaic.
    • He said that the availability of harmful material on the internet was no more the fault of the internet service provider than it was of the personal computer being used.
    • Sorry, but it's not my fault you don't service Minneapolis.
    • But fault was still a feature in many divorce cases, since irretrievable breakdown had to be shown in one of five ways.
    • Any horrible things that happen to these hapless characters are my fault!
    • Or perhaps it is the fault of the central character, Oliver himself.
    • Maybe it's my own fault for reading books that don't feature an elf or an alien on the cover.
    • It isn't my fault these characters have a mind of their own.
  • 2

    • 2.1(failing, flaw)

      defecto masculine
      falta feminine
      for / in spite of all his faults a pesar de todos sus defectos
      • Character faults and foibles surface slowly and are dealt with compassionately.
      • He's a complex character with many faults and makes mistakes.
      • Does your main character have faults of his own?
      • I fell in love with this character despite his obvious faults.
      • There are many faults in my character but sitting indoors fiddling with html code while the sun shines and the birds sing is not among them.
      • We may reflect that we all suffer from faults of character, or fail, if severely tempted, to resist temptation.
      • If you made a car with as many problems, faults and features and some software I could mention, it would fail.
      • I do not know the faults of your character, nor do I think you know mine.
      • While there are some glaring faults in character and plot, it is a mostly enjoyable trip with some very nice eye candy.
      • Of course a possible variation of the tragic concept would allow a character to have a fault which leads to consequences far more dire than he deserves.
      • The only fault in the character is one of writing, not acting.
      • I know that's one of my worst faults: being too polite, even when I shouldn't be.
      • I do this far too often, and it's probably my worst fault.
      • I have seen some of the worst faults of the world.
      • That was one of her worst faults, she felt an urge to find out everything about everybody.
      • Jealousy is reputed to be one of their worst faults, but Taureans are no more inclined to jealousy than any of the other signs.
      • The civility with which they acknowledge their faults is a positive characteristic, one associated with real culture.
      • However, it's not enough to overcome the book's faults.
      • But throughout the book the occasional faults matter little against the poetry's terrible aliveness.
      • Whatever its faults, the book appears to be a chick magnet.

    • 2.2

      (in machine) avería feminine
      (in goods) defecto masculine
      (in goods) falla feminine
      there's a fault on the line hay una avería en la línea
      • a fault in design un defecto / una falla de diseño
      • The alarm was raised around 6.45 pm after an electrical fault caused the machine to ignite at the property in Hermes Way.
      • The problems have been attributed to computer software failure and electrical faults.
      • Time stood still for beer-lovers on campus last week, as the beer-taps at Eastside broke down due to an electrical fault.
      • They say faults could lead to electric shocks or a risk of fire.
      • The problem, affecting 26 lights, was due to a circuit fault and was fixed by EDF Energy staff by September 30th.
      • The blaze was caused by a fault on an electric extractor fan and the brigade has now issued the family with smoke alarms.
      • If there is a fault in the computer power supply, or if the electric socket is wired incorrectly, the computer chassis can become live and give a fatal electric shock.
      • Forensic scientists said the cause of the blaze was a build up of fluff in the dryer, which ignited the machine, and not an electrical fault, the inquest heard.
      • It is believed the cause of the fire was an electrical fault in the wiring of an electric immersion heater.
      • The testing ranged from correcting simulated electrical faults on a Mack truck to fixing ABS breaks and earth-moving equipment.
      • It cost €162,186 last year to carry out standard maintenance and repairing electrical type faults on public lights in the county.
      • Over 85 per cent of all fire deaths occur in the home, and up to four per cent of fire deaths in London are caused by electrical wiring or appliance faults.
      • But fire investigators found a number of other electrical faults and fire risks in the house, an inquest in Bradford was told yesterday.
      • Investigators found cigarettes, a box of disposable lighters and an empty bottle of whisky in her flat, but no evidence of any electrical or gas faults.
      • These included everything from brake and electrical faults to corrosion of the load-bearing points on their chassis.
      • Problems on the railways were further compounded by electrical faults at Oxenholme on Sunday and Monday.
      • He dismissed speculations that the fire was ignited by electrical faults or caused by foul play.
      • It was also known to have a history of power and electrical faults.
      • They believe the fire was started by a cigarette butt or an electrical fault.
      • All power supply circuits are protected by a ground fault detection system to prevent overloads and short circuits.

    • 2.3(error, misdeed)

      error masculine
      falta feminine
      there's a fault in the adding up hay un error en la adición
      • I felt very emotional during the service, my lip trembling on several occasions, and I slipped into my usual fault of speaking softly when that happens.
      • Indeed, if Monica has a fault, it's an excessively trusting nature, a habit of putting loyalty before sense.

  • 3

    falla feminine
    • Most transform faults are found on the ocean floor.
    • Questions have also been raised over the possibility of a earthquake fault line nearby.
    • Iranian leaders have promised to rebuild the town, which is on a major earthquake fault line.
    • Unlike ridges and trenches, transform faults offset the crust horizontally, without creating or destroying crust.
    • Transform faults, on the other hand, slide horizontally against one another.
  • 4

    (in tennis, show jumping)
    falta feminine
    • Ben showed great determination and skill over both courses putting up seven faults in show-jumping and a superb clear over the cross-country course.
    • Ward scored four faults on each mount with Sasha getting the higher placing based on a better time over the 15-jump course.
    • Torano scored four faults for one rail down at the sixth fence and finished with a time of 41.148 seconds.
    • That decision brought him home with no jumping faults, but garnered him 3.2 time faults for a final score of 50.41.
    • The pair had a rail down at the double combination to finish with four faults in a time of 41.72 seconds.
    • No one was coming in from there without time faults.
    • At this level the riders are not timed, but penalties are awarded for faults such as refusal to jump or knocking down a fence.
    • All tosses should be hit: if they throw the ball up, it's going to be a fault if they catch it.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person/performance/argument) encontrarle defectos a
    his behavior cannot be faulted su comportamiento es intachable / impecable
    • So he can't fault us for raising these questions now.
    • While I can't fault her for professionalism, at the very least I would have expected a smile, or, really, any show of emotion at all.
    • Of course, the group is composed of ‘creative types’ so you can't fault them for being creative with the truth.
    • Ultimately they love their cats and I can't fault them for that.
    • So I don't fault him for his toughness and perhaps his arrogance.
    • Nor do I fault them for the work they've done in exposing the rot.
    • Hence, it is difficult to fault him for taking part in the decision.
    • I can't fault you for what you thought was the truth.
    • You could hardly fault Smith for wallowing in the music and the magic of this remarkable moment.
    • Still, we can hardly fault the school for its pessimism.
    • One can hardly fault them for not having foreseen this shift.
    • But critics fault military leaders for discouraging such actions and failing to present alternatives.
    • Still, you can't really fault the lady with the torch on this one.
    • The intentions were good, which is why Brooke couldn't really fault him.
    • In a keenly fought contest, neither team could be faulted for the lack of effort.
    • They were wrong, but you can't fault their logic.
    • I cannot fault the arithmetic logic that as the population increases, so should the number of representatives in Parliament.
    • We were beaten fair and square but I can't fault the lads for effort.
    • A correspondent rightly faults me for not giving the direct quotation.
    • Governments are rightly faulted for their dismal economic performance.