Translation of Faustian in Spanish:


de Fausto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfaʊstiən/ /ˈfaʊstɪən/


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    de Fausto
    • The country's religious leaders are toying with the old Faustian bargain: risking a little cultural contamination in exchange for tourist lucre.
    • The reporter graphically portrays what occurred as a "descent into hell" brought about by the Faustian tactics of the police.
    • The evidence suggests that slaves were well aware of the 'Faustian' bargain involved in some release arrangements.
    • A number of the stories are downers in which Faustian bargains of one kind or another produce predictable results.
    • The racial hygienists made a Faustian pact with Nazism.
    • In European literature there is even a Goethean myth of the Faustian artist who, surpassing compromise, sells his soul to the devil in return for absolute artistic power.
    • His films have had gay sex tied fast to knotty Faustian bargains.
    • He may have just turned 30, but his latest film displays a maturity and confidence that makes you ponder the terms of his Faustian deal.
    • Has he struck a Faustian pact with the devil so he gets all the money in the world in exchange for his soul?
    • You feel like you are still paying for that Faustian contract signed but long forgotten.