Translation of favor in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfeɪvər/ /ˈfeɪvə/

See Spanish definition of favoritismo


(British favour)
  • 1

    • 1.1(approval)

      the king's favor el favor del rey
      • to gain/lose favor ganar/perder aceptación
      • to come back into favor volver a tener aceptación
      • he isn't in favor with the boss now ya no cuenta con el apoyo del jefe
      • to look with favor on sth/sb mirar algo/a algn con benevolencia
      • The union leader observed that students had lost support and favour from members of the public as a result of their riotous and unruly behaviour.
      • The emperor eventually became the ultimate patron, and as time went on, without his support and favour, even the most ambitious senator could not hold high office.
      • Here are some important factors that combined to draw God's favour down upon His people.
      • He intended either to curry renewed favour with Darius or support faltering rebels.
      • Fortunately, this individual has the goodwill and approval of close associates, and most people look upon him with favour.
      • Mazzini looked to Rome where, to his relief, Pius IX had lost favour with liberals after refusing to condone the war against Austria.
      • The theory, initially a popular topic of research, quickly lost favour with the introduction of quantum mechanics.
      • With the rise of the orchestra in the mid-17th century the viol family gradually lost favour to the violin.
      • In 1708 Harley also lost favour, and Anne was forced to admit the Whigs into her administration once again.
      • It wasn't until the beginning of the twentieth century that aromatics regained their lost favour.
      • It was used in sweet dishes more than as a savoury vegetable, but it soon palled and lost favour.
      • This escalating growth is looked upon with favour by many economic experts.
      • But those nations have lost favor among depositors in recent years as they have eased bank secrecy laws in response to international pressure.
      • These stations found instant favour with the people as they provided them with the kind of a service that was being denied by the institutionalised system.
      • This is an album that will find much favour with people who enjoy this genre of music from a singer who renders his songs in a proud Midlands accent.
      • Barristers depend on their continued favour and good will.
      • The new arrival from northern Europe won people's favour almost immediately.
      • He said winning the customer's favour and loyalty by satisfying their wants, is the need of the hour.

    • 1.2(partiality)

      favoritismo masculine
      to show favor to sb favorecer a algn
      • Both sides of a trial seek bias in their own favour as, according to the film's ads, some cases ‘are too important to be left to juries’.
      • His petition to the Scottish parliament accuses government bodies meant to regulate the fish farming industry of being biased in its favour.
      • This pact is utterly one-sided-in Mexico's favor.
      • The dynamic this week has been in his favor consistently.
      • It is really important that judges show no favour and no bias.
      • The overall balance is likely to continue to shift marginally in China's favour over the next decade.
      • It is not just unreasonable to be biased in our own favour, it is also naïve.
      • We certainly hope so - we own it, and are unabashedly biased in its favor.
      • It is still based upon favour with no relevance whatever to competence or effectiveness.

  • 2in favor

    a favor
    to be/speak in favor of sth/-ing estar/hablar a favor de algo/+ inf
    66% in favor, 34% against 66% a favor, 34% en contra
    • to be/speak in favor of sb / in sb's favor estar/hablar a / en favor de algn
  • 3

    (act of kindness)
    favor masculine
    can I ask you a favor or ask a favor of you? ¿puedo pedirte un favor?
    • don't expect any favors from him no esperes favores de él
    • as a favor (to sb) como un favor (a algn)
    • Of course what they really meant was, ‘Do me a favour.’
    • Do us a favour: Read this book and listen to this tape.
    • Do us a favour, get a dictionary and look up what a gradient is.
    • Do us a favour while you're here: visit my campaign website and sign the petition.
    • Go on do me a favour, do yourself a favour, take that vinyl out of its sleeve.
    • Do me a favour and stop pretending you know me, because you don't.
    • But, do not feel that simply because I gave you a gift, that means that you are obliged to return the favour.
    • He is unencumbered by owing favours to one master or another in London, and he will measure his success by standards set in Scotland, not Westminster.
    • The government gave us an important quest to fulfill before our execution, but we will not return the favor of kindness!
    • Now there is a chance for all those organisations and individuals who have availed of their services down through the years to return the favour.
    • If you're unable to oblige, then the reason why you can't grant the favour should be very good.
    • Although people typically disdain thinking about close relationships in exchange terms, partners often do reciprocate favors and kindnesses toward each other.
    • Feudal ways like offering gifts for favors is widespread and starts early; even parents do it for their kids' teachers.
    • We mistakenly think we will lose a partner's affection by burdening him or her with our requests for favors or acceptance of gifts.
    • In this spirit, members emphasize communal sharing, as in sharing food, giving gifts, and doing favors.
    • Do not offer favors or gifts to families in order to gain access.
    • Bribery refers to the illicit use of rewards, gifts, or favors to pervert judgment or corrupt the conduct of someone.
    • Offerings and gifts are made to saints and protective spirits for favors in this life.
    • You've gotten me tons of gifts and I just wanted to return the favor.
    • His policy was to buy support by granting favours and wide-ranging concessions.
  • 4 formal, euphemistic favors plural

    (sexual intimacy)
    favores masculine euphemistic, humorous
    • The priest borrows the sum from the merchant and hands it to the wife, and the wife grants him her favours.
  • 5

    • 5.1History

      favor masculine archaic
      prenda feminine

    • 5.2(party gift)

      sorpresa feminine
      regalito masculine
      • Physicians are often enticed to attend these CME programs with free meals and other favors and gifts.
      • When you're preparing the baby shower supplies, gifts and favors, the shower theme will practically tell you the best ideas to pick up.
      • The tricky thing is to draw an appropriate line between a token gift or favor and a more substantial one.

    • 5.3(on wedding cake)

      adorno masculine

transitive verb

(British favour)
  • 1

    • 1.1(be in favor of)

      (plan/proposal/idea) estar a favor de
      (plan/proposal/idea) ser partidario de
      (plan/proposal/idea) apoyar
      a spot favored by anglers un lugar que goza de popularidad entre los pescadores

    • 1.2(be favorable to)


    • 1.3(treat preferentially)

      tratar con favoritismo

    • 1.4favored past participle

      most favored nation nación más favorecida
      • a secret known only to the / a favored few un secreto que solo conoce una minoría selecta

  • 2 formal

    to favor sb with sth
  • 3

    salir a
  • 4

    (spare, treat gently)
    no forzar