Translation of favorably in Spanish:


favorablemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪv(ə)rəbli/


(British favourably)
  • 1

    he spoke very favorably of her habló muy bien de ella
    • we were very favorably impressed nos causó muy buena impresión
    • to be favorably disposed/inclined to(ward) sb/sth estar bien dispuesto hacia algn/algo
    • Mr Morris, however, is now progressing favourably.
    • Both have similar favourable ratings, with slightly more than half of voters viewing each favourably.
    • He is the author of a great number of serious historical works, most of which have been favourably received.
    • Higher levels of consumption, conversely, are viewed more favorably.
    • By all accounts he is progressing favourably in his new stand.
    • However, history may treat McCarthy more favourably than the contemporary press.
    • She explained: "Most of my clients have responded very favourably to this technique."
    • First of all, as you know, we view the initiative favorably.
    • And so, all in all, I am very favorably impressed with him.
    • But consumers may not react favorably to the copy protection, say analysts.
    • Many of those passing by while I was taping them commented favorably on his work.
    • It was well placed in the Royal Academy, and was favourably noticed by the critics.
    • We have found the figures insufficient and we are not looking favourably at the offer.
    • Several members of that board have commented favorably on the rigor and integrity of the new peer review process.
    • I could see that Holmes was favourably impressed by the manner and speech of his new client.
    • Good intentions go a long way with me, so I tend to be favorably disposed towards holiday specials.
    • Wall Street regards favorably the company's long-term prospects but not necessarily the short-term share price.
    • The patrons responded favorably, and I was glad to see some repeat customers for our performance.
    • Having both the public and television industry respond so favorably to the production is a real thrill.
    • It's still too premature to say whether it will be allowed, but it is being looked upon fairly favourably.