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fidelidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfi(ə)lti/ /ˈfiːəlti/

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nombreplural fealties

  • 1

    fidelidad femenino
    lealtad femenino
    to swear fealty to the king jurar fidelidad al rey
    • The Anglo-Saxons used oaths not only to swear fealty to feudal lords, but also to ensure honesty during legal proceedings and transactions.
    • By that I mean a vassal/lord relationship in which the former swears fealty to the latter in return for control of the lands which he owns.
    • No, what's important is your unswerving fealty to the Lord.
    • Nearly helpless, Harold was forced to swear an oath of fealty to William and to swear further that he would advocate William's cause in England.
    • The Crusaders would remain for one year in the East to assist the new Emperor; any who remained thereafter would have to take an oath of fealty to him.