Traducción de fearful en español:


aterrador, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfɪrfəl/ /ˈfɪəfʊl/ /ˈfɪəf(ə)l/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(frightening)

      (monster/apparition) aterrador
      • To the outside world, Chernobyl stands as a fearful accident and a catalogue of gross errors.
      • It came to mind that Christians who encountered Paul would have found him shocking and fearful.
      • Economists nevertheless refuse to be alarmed by fearful prognoses of deflation.
      • The literature supports an Oedipal stage, but finds that a good superego is likely to come from a loving rather than a fearful relationship with a father.
      • When we are faced by a fearful situation it is human nature to hide our emotions behind a brave front and to smile when inside we are crying.
      • An Arab writer on the consequences of the Black Death for animals added another hideous dimension to our awareness of that fearful episode.
      • It did not gain that influence by producing timid and fearful programmes.
      • With fearful symmetry, ' terror ' has acquired a new meaning, too.
      • We are grieving not just for the dead but also for all our own fearful futures - the threat of war, more suffering and more fanatical hatred.
      • Bad experiences can lead to the development of fearful beliefs about the future - fears the past will be repeated if we act the same way again.
      • There are no limits to our human ability to justify our fear for, in truth, the world is a fearful place.
      • In spite of his fear he decides to accompany his master on this fearful adventure.
      • So we are intended to be relieved of the fear that our dying need be a fearful experience.
      • Call it by its real name and much of the fearful power of the thing is lost.
      • Among the nations there are fearful wars and dreadful diseases.

    • 1.2 coloquial (dreadful)

      (cold/mess) espantoso
      (cold/mess) horrible
      (liar) tremendo
      (liar) terrible
      (liar) de miedo coloquial

  • 2

    (person) miedoso
    (person) temeroso
    to be fearful of -ing temer + inf
    there's no need to be fearful, he won't eat you no seas miedoso / no hay por qué tener miedo, no te va a comer
    • There's no question that at the time of the abduction she was in fear and was fearful for a period of time.
    • For example, over the past two decades I was excessively fearful of inflation.
    • Everyone is fearful for his future, and fear leads people to do amazing, extraordinary things.
    • Often the most panicked people are bystanders who become extremely fearful but have no outlet for that energy.
    • When this area of our life is threatened we become fearful and disillusioned.
    • Just reading that list of cautions makes me fearful about ever leaving my two daughters home by themselves.
    • The current, ever-present threat of an imminent war can often make people feel fearful and powerless.
    • Some farmers are fearful that they are not being properly rewarded for the quality of the milk they produce.
    • When you know who you are, there's no need to feel weird or threatened or fearful of people who aren't exactly like you.
    • I have felt powerless, disgusted, frustrated, horrified and even fearful this week, all in equal measure.
    • Granted, most people would be afraid to interfere, fearful of the consequences.
    • His characters are guilty and fearful, their predicaments horrendous.
    • She was horrified by this show of affection and fearful of its consequences.
    • Are you really fearful of being misinterpreted or are you just afraid to stand up for your constituents?
    • This lady points out her home here among the rubble, but she is afraid of being seen on camera, fearful of what may happen to her.
    • We stood locked in a battle of stares for a minute, my horrified expression gazing into her fearful one.
    • If we are fearful of the consequences of murder then we are not likely to carry out a murder and that is good and to be welcomed.
    • She saw the looks of fearful people, but what they were afraid of she didn't know.
    • But he's a timid child, fearful of water, heights, spiders, darkness and the great outdoors.
    • Players are tentative and nervous, fearful that one missed shot or ugly turnover will earn them a seat on the bench.