Translation of fearsome in Spanish:


aterrador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪrsəm/ /ˈfɪəs(ə)m/

Definition of aterrador in Spanish


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    he's rather fearsome es de temer
    • She has also been a fearsome opponent and a merciless landlord but it is all a game to her.
    • For an inning or two, he could be a fearsome opponent, but he had his ups and downs.
    • To frighten his enemies, he began to wear a fearsome mask when he went into battle.
    • Highlights of the royal collection include the painted miniatures, costumes and fearsome weapons.
    • Each account of him during such conversations adds more details, making him more fearsome.
    • His fearsome set brought the curtain down on a fantastic final day, with some of the major highlights away from the main stage.
    • In the meantime they are spending their days playing table tennis and pool and consuming fearsome quantities of beer.
    • Only one man has the muscular good looks and personal courage to stand up to these fearsome freaks of nature.
    • The name alone is enough to strike fearsome loathing in some and unmitigated adulation in others.
    • This group of lawyers is as renowned for fearsome intellect as it is for hard-line conservative politics.
    • The name's the same but the fearsome reputation has taken a battering.
    • A small but fearsome array of tools was prepared, and the immediate area cleared.
    • You didn't question this because they were so fearsome and merciless, and all they wanted to do was conquer and kill.
    • Later that day, the fearsome fivesome was back in the car, heading towards Manitoba.
    • Two-dozen youngsters, all under seven, turned up on Tuesday to revel in the fearsome delights.
    • They did their work well and acquired the fearsome reputation of brutality and violence.
    • He has climbed the fearsome Matterhorn and is quietly confident that the trip to France in July will end in success.
    • As she has grown into an adolescent, she has developed a fearsome temper.
    • Like you, we've had some fearsome arguments about colour schemes, carpets and curtains.
    • I spent much of the time looking out of the window at the fearsome weather.
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    (difficulty/task) tremendo