Translation of feat in Spanish:


hazaña, n.

Pronunciation /fit/ /fiːt/

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    hazaña feminine
    proeza feminine
    getting them to pay up was quite a feat conseguir que pagaran fue toda una hazaña
    • Highlanders have used it through the ages to help them perform great feats of strength while staving off hunger and thirst.
    • When we are done with our grievances, we shall challenge each other to feats of strength.
    • These would be feats never previously achieved and one could be excused for thinking of them as over-ambitious.
    • It was here that he first steeled himself with self-imposed feats of daring and courage that marked his whole life.
    • I don't need to be reminded that there are forces out there which can readily achieve these feats.
    • Locals have achieved great feats despite rather than because of the state of the district's sports grounds.
    • We'd become world renowned for our feats of dramatic skill and aerobic fitness.
    • All of the aforementioned feats have been achieved by other Scottish clubs in the past.
    • All these feats will be achieved unsupported by teams bringing in supplies or aid.
    • The feat represents his strength in overcoming the bullying he endured as a child.
    • He thought this place was old, too old to have the mechanics to be able to achieve feats like this.
    • He grew up to be a hero, a savior, able to achieve feats that no ordinary man could do.
    • Both these feats were achieved at the expense of workers and the socially disadvantaged.
    • We have a show for you like no other, featuring death defying acts of bravery and tremendous feats of skill.
    • It is hard to imagine what other feats she could have achieved had her career not ended so suddenly.
    • I don't need two seemingly impossible feats to accomplish in less than a year.
    • In his lifetime, he performed many miraculous feats and showed the path of truth to his followers.
    • We often think of heroes as people who accomplish extraordinary feats which earn them fame.
    • To reach a lot of the more impressive feats of engineering there's walking to be done.
    • His portraits are incredible feats of mastery and the hardest of his constant commissions.