Translation of featherlight in Spanish:


muy ligero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛðərˌlaɪt/


  • 1

    (fabric/pastry) muy ligero
    (touch/kiss) muy suave
    • He sensed the presence edging steadily closer, until he felt the icy-cold, feather-light touch on his cheek.
    • Even a feather-light touch was pushing the boundaries, and I stepped back slightly.
    • It looked so fragile, as though anything but a feather-light touch could break it.
    • Next, he softly tapped his fingers near her elbow with a feather-light touch as he did so.
    • There was absolute silence for a while, then a feather-light touch on my hair.
    • For those averse to fruitcakes and all that goes into them, there are traditional feather-light sponge cakes in exotic flavours such as the strawberry torte and the egg-less lychee gateaux.
    • The plate is hefty, but the pancakes are feather-light.
    • Few can resist buying the feather-light decorative pieces, which come in alluring colours.
    • It is feather-light when parking but weighty and secure at speed.
    • She has a gentle touch, but Jonnie's wound still throbs at the feather-light tap.
    • He wore black armor that looked feather-light.
    • Several manufacturers have developed feather-light videocassettes, weighing a fraction of a normal videotape.