Translation of feathery in Spanish:


como pluma, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛð(ə)ri/

adjective featherier, featheriest

  • 1

    como pluma
    • Hats must be worn, and not little feathery flimsy things, but proper ones which cover the crown.
    • I felt that weird shifting movement and a feathery light object grazed my bare skin.
    • That one sweet moment of tender love and care, wrapped up in a light feathery kiss.
    • She stares down at the infant and reaches out to touch its fine, feathery black hair.
    • Picking up a small dandelion as they walked, Sara struggled to blow off all the flimsy, feathery seedlings.
  • 2

    (light, fluffy)
    (texture/pastry) muy ligero
    (texture/pastry) muy liviano mainly Latin America