Traducción de febrile en Español:


febril, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛˌbraɪl/ /ˈfiˌbraɪl/ /ˈfiːbrʌɪl/

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    • The febrile excitement of the story is sustained by the use of rapid action, exotic locales, and exaggerated passions, often cruel or prurient.
    • The febrile atmosphere within the party at Westminster last week has, on occasion, been reminiscent of those times.
    • In the febrile atmosphere following the raids, all sorts of spectacular claims emerged, some from British sources, but mostly from the United States and Pakistan.
    • That has, to some extent proved successful, and the febrile atmosphere of the early years of devolution, with its perennial sniping and briefing, has disappeared.
    • The current febrile atmosphere requires cool heads.
    • Events in Bournemouth last week demonstrated how febrile the political atmosphere is at present, and how fickle the interpretations by the media.
    • But in the current febrile atmosphere at Westminster such talks seems almost academic.
    • It is because the atmosphere is so febrile that the news about Derek Scott's book has received such attention.
    • Over the span of his life, El Greco moved from an environment dominated by the archaic patterns of piety of the Eastern Church to the febrile, religious atmosphere of Counter-Reformation.
    • As this febrile atmosphere becomes ever more pervasive, the space in which proper debate can take place becomes ever more constricted.
    • Exploiting the febrile atmosphere of mid August, he and his allies seized temporary control of the government's response to northern events.
    • When you consider the febrile atmosphere of Southampton football club, even an expression of admiration can seem suspicious.
    • She probes the febrile atmosphere in the royal household including tension between Louis and Marie Antoinette.
    • It's entirely possible to feel relaxed in one's surroundings, yet still be ‘alert, tense, febrile.’
    • There is sufficient uncertainty approaching Tuesday's finish line, however, for financial markets to be in a highly febrile state.
    • Then, as now, the region was in a highly febrile state.
    • It is a portrait of a nervous man in the grip of a febrile creative activity.
    • This period of excitement is usually in the early febrile stage.