Translation of feebly in Spanish:


débilmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfibli/ /ˈfiːbli/


  • 1

    (smile/speak) débilmente
    • In the flickering shadows, she glimpsed the boy curled up feebly in the corner.
    • He walked around the corner; his best friend was feebly holding onto the stall door, smiling weakly at him.
    • He pointed feebly at the silhouette of an outcrop close by.
    • Laden with a tray containing two dinner plates and two tall glasses, she feebly made her way down the stairs.
    • She sobbed and shook her head, feebly pushing Laura away.
    • The boy whimpered, and his small fingers clutched feebly at the man, tangling in the fabric of his shirt.
    • A heart that beat feebly told doctors that the patient had problems.
    • She whipped him around the arm and punched him feebly, not because she didn't want to hit hard, but because she couldn't.
    • Like the Jack O'Lantern glowing feebly from the front porch, the movie's script is hollow.
    • Rusty horns screech feebly, like the poor birds unable to fly south for the winter.
  • 2

    (protest) sin energía
    • So now we're on Plan D, a feebly disguised version of Plan C.
    • Her husband smiled feebly in response.
    • "I'm not very hungry, and I don't want to trouble you," he protested feebly.
    • "Nobody is going to get hurt," I reasoned feebly.
    • He stared around the crowded bar miserably, reminding himself feebly that he was working.
    • He spends most of the film servicing the inane plot and trying feebly to hide the twist from us.
    • She protested only feebly when her father picked her up and tucked her into bed.
    • I laughed feebly at my own joke.
    • "I have to keep my promise," I said feebly.