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reacción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfidˌbæk/ /ˈfiːdbak/

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    reacción femenino
    the company would welcome feedback from staff on … la compañía tendría interés en conocer la reacción del personal frente a …
    • there was negative/positive feedback from customers hubo una reacción / respuesta desfavorable/favorable por parte de los clientes
    • We improve our products, based on feedback, until they're the best.
    • It has many ideas for better consultation, more information and feedback, but its most radical call goes far beyond these.
    • After the performance, the group held a dialog with visitors to get feedback on their performance.
    • We had a lot of interesting feedback including this information sent in by lawyer Andrew Lynn.
    • Individuals want feedback on their performance and it is also crucial to their self-development.
    • After completing the documents they are given feedback on their performance.
    • Here any players may access instant feedback on their performances, or advice as to their future.
    • The unit has agreed to release the information after listening to feedback from patients.
    • By this time I was relieved, but I was disappointed when I received no feedback about my performance as a consultant.
    • The feedback shows that information provision and the quality of interactions between staff and patients are key issues.
    • If you like the informational feedback it provides for you, buy one for yourself.
    • I submitted a draft and was given some feedback on how to improve it.
    • They gave me great feedback that helped me improve my research papers in various ways.
    • The more of you provide us with feedback about how to improve what we do, the better.
    • All I got back was a letter thanking me for my feedback but failing to address any of the issues I raised.
    • On the basis of the feedback received, the guidelines were modified, wherever necessary.
    • We'll provide each entrant with individual feedback on how to improve their business plan.
    • It's nice because people come back to us with feedback, so we can tailor our products.
    • Surveys and feedback and internet tutorials are all there on screen, and getting brighter and easier to use every month.
    • Its evidence is based on feedback from its health and safety group, which monitors accident prevention.
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    Audio Electrónica
    retroalimentación femenino
    • These internal forcings result from feedback within the climate system.
    • End-product synthesis can exert short-term metabolic feedback control through Pi recycling.
    • We thus decided to eliminate feedback pathways from the hyolingual to the jaw system.
    • The third example of synthesis involves feedback between ecosystems and climate.
    • These input layer cells receiving feedback are referred to as context unit cells.
    • I do not want to interrupt the debate, but there is a bit of feedback coming through the microphones.
    • They heard loud feedback from a microphone and turned around to see where it was coming from.
    • She switched on the microphone from the booth and it whined with feedback.
    • They also eliminate feedback and provide better tolerance to loud sounds.
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    retroalimentación femenino
    to give feedback to a member of staff/a student retroalimentar a un empleado/un estudiante