Translation of feedbag in Spanish:


morral, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfidbæɡ/ /ˈfiːdbaɡ/

Definition of morral in Spanish


  • 1

    morral masculine
    to put on the feedbag comer
    • Our four-legged hero doesn't even get an extra carrot in his feedbag for his efforts.
    • It'd be better if you could stick a feedbag to your face, but you can't unless you're a horse, so taking in six meals per day is your best bet.
    • Their feedbags got lighter and lighter while their loads got heavier and heavier.
    • Carrying feedbags with a ration of oats, he led Ember into the little shelter he'd prepared for the horses.
    • The bucket had been stuck on the animal's snout, hanging like a feedbag, preventing it from eating or drinking.
    • We only use feedbags when we go off trail riding and they are on the picket line.
    • She designed her own equine feedbag after her retired racehorse kept spilling and wasting his food.