Translation of feeding frenzy in Spanish:

feeding frenzy

frenético festín, n.


  • 1

    (of sharks, piranhas)
    frenético festín masculine
    • This seemed to trigger the sharks into a feeding frenzy.
    • I have seen sharks in a feeding frenzy, turtles fighting and shoals of fish so large that they blocked out the light from the surface, but this spectacle beat them all.
    • Years later, I found myself swimming backwards through the water while Stuart induced a feeding frenzy of Caribbean reef sharks by free-baiting the water with tuna meat along my path.
    • He tells us how he literally swam with sharks during a feeding frenzy.
    • Each herbivore entrapment probably triggered a feeding frenzy that resulted in up to a dozen predators being trapped as well, says Van Valkenburgh.
    • Showing the press an underwater videotape, Jeng said that in periods of calm water, they observed thousands of crabs swarm out in a feeding frenzy on the sea floor over an area of a few square meters.
    • But to start cutting would have the same effect as a rupture, it would immediately trigger a feeding frenzy in the other scavengers, and the smells of blood and meat might draw more of them.
    • In September, the crevices in the wall are crammed with hundreds of mating pairs of velvet swimming crabs, exciting swarms of fish into a feeding frenzy.
  • 2

    (involving media)
    frenesí de los medios de comunicación masculine
    • The media feeding frenzy will, indeed, be massive.
    • Such an arrest would not normally arouse the media feeding frenzy that ensued.
    • He knows a coordinated feeding frenzy of epic proportions has just begun.
    • There was no feeding frenzy, no gnashing of teeth.
    • Recent shark attacks in Florida have sparked the now customary feeding frenzy in the media.