Translation of feeling in Spanish:


sensibilidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfilɪŋ/ /ˈfiːlɪŋ/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(physical sensitivity)

      sensibilidad feminine
      I have no feeling in my fingers no tengo sensibilidad en los dedos
      • Jack wasn't sure if he was going blind, or just crazy, but he lost all feeling, all sense.
      • For a prosthetic heel to be successful it would need to be covered in skin which has feeling and sensation.
      • The disease leaves her with pain, loss of feeling and a burning sensation in her hands meaning she cannot drive for any length of time.
      • He said he was in intense pain and losing feeling in his legs and his doctor recommended a private clinic.
      • He said as a result, the man had suffered nerve and tendon damage, and lost feeling and sensitivity in his hand.

    • 1.2(physical sensation)

      sensación feminine
      a feeling of tiredness/nausea una sensación de cansancio/náusea
      • Remember how it feels on deck because you want the same feeling in the water.
      • The cold feeling of slowly moving water slid over her, until there was only darkness.
      • A young child paddles in the sea for the first time, fascinated by the pleasant feeling of the water.
      • By tactile sensation, I mean that feeling that you get that lets you know where your arms are with your eyes closed.
      • Besides the comfortable feeling of water running down the throat, water plays a vital role in the human body.
      • The churning feeling of pain gurgled up through his body as he tried to sit up.
      • I had a vague feeling of movement and then pain crashed through me as I hit something really hard.
      • It's about communicating as we normally communicate with voice and sight and touch and feeling.
      • The effect of this long anticipated encounter reminded her of that light, numb feeling often experienced in dreams.
      • I trust what I feel, and my intuition and the feeling that comes from sound and from sight.
      • My hand glowed with that bright light, and a fuzzy warm feeling came into my fingers.

  • 2

    • 2.1(sincere emotion)

      sentimiento masculine
      she played the piece with real feeling interpretó la pieza con mucho sentimiento
      • It all feels so lacking in genuine feeling, genuine emotion, genuine interest.
      • He was going back to the place where there was no feeling, because emotion and love were not allowed.
      • Silence, when used appropriately and in context, will add emotion and feeling to the video.
      • All that feeling, emotion and fantasizing was wrapped up in a crude Marxist politics.
      • It was like they were puppets or something of that sort, void of any feeling, any emotion, any life.
      • Do these schools have any idea of the feelings of revulsion a statement like that on their websites provokes?
      • It is hard not to be affected by the songs when the lyrics and vocals carry such a genuine sense of feeling.
      • For Radhika art is not a handicraft, but the transmission of feeling she has experienced.
      • He was still the quiet type, but in a confidant way, and you could sense the depth of feeling between them.
      • Often you sense the underlying feeling of hostility among certain people working in the tourism trade.
      • His acting roles are typically all over the range, but usually have a sense of feeling to them.
      • Competing at the world level gives me the opportunity to experience that feeling.
      • Notice where the feelings are coming from and focus on how good it is to experience that feeling again.
      • This is a production created and played with great care and feeling, whose warmth will brighten any winter.
      • You couldn't imagine the warmth of this feeling if you had not been close to them.
      • The whole show was precise and mathematical, but full of subtle light, warmth and feeling.
      • At any rate, because of that feeling, it pains me somewhat to bring up this.

    • 2.2(emotional sensation)

      sensación feminine
      a feeling of joy/isolation una sensación de alegría/aislamiento
      • While he denies he has a chip on his shoulder, this gut class feeling is a strong motivation behind his desire for success.
      • And if you fell in love with me so long ago it only makes this feeling stronger, right?
      • The strong feeling of love and the longing to commit is perfectly conveyed in marriage.
      • How can anger, or any other emotion or feeling, get someone to go against what they have deliberately resolved on doing?
      • Most of them possess no souls and an inhuman ability to disregard all forms of emotion and feeling.
      • That bad feeling was getting stronger and I was beginning to be angry.
      • It's there, this feeling, so strong it suffocates me with every breath I take.
      • He seemed shocked for a second but that emotion was soon taken over by the much stronger feeling of pain.
      • So strong was this feeling I went out and bought two dresses that day.
      • If showing our emotions leaves us feeling exposed and vulnerable, then why do it?
      • My strong gut feeling is that she wants you to break up with her, or she wants to prepare you for impending breakup.
      • At the end of it all, though, there is a vague feeling of disquiet.
      • There is always a vague feeling of inertia, a longing to go back to a country they have never seen.
      • One can be gripped by a vague feeling of claustrophobia, as if entering an underground tomb.
      • The April sun seemed to stir in him a vague feeling that he could not construe.
      • We have all experienced that sickening feeling when you know you no longer have control of the vehicle you are driving.
      • There are so many in our price range we soon experienced the old familiar feeling of bewilderment bordering on mania.
      • We wanted them to know what it felt like, so that they will never want to experience that feeling ever again.
      • Because it makes good evolutionary sense to get this feeling in your body when you're looking at the horror film.
      • She felt a burden lifting off her shoulders and smiled at the carefree feeling that permeated her senses.

    • 2.3(affection)

      sentimiento masculine
      the only feeling I have for you is one of pity lo único que siento por ti / lo único que me inspiras es lástima

    • 2.4feelings plural(sensitivity)

      sentimientos masculine
      it appeals to man's higher feelings apela a los sentimientos más elevados del hombre
      • I think it's permissible, after working on your favourite virus for over 20 years, to develop some sort of feeling for it.
      • The singer has an even, rounded tone, an apposite feeling for ornament and an ability to phrase with sprightly elegance.

  • 3

    • 3.1(sentiment)

      sentir masculine
      bad / ill feeling resentimiento

    • 3.2(opinion)

      opinión feminine
      what are your feelings on the matter? ¿tú que opinas del asunto?
      • He saw more clearly than any of these other guys how strong that feeling was.
      • There's a strong general feeling among our members that consumers are not receptive to milk from cloned cows.
      • I didn't have a real strong feeling about anything until I started playing music.
      • There is then this strong feeling that if one is not actively involved in corruption, one is not corrupt.
      • When you are fifty, you constantly have this strong feeling that you are wasting your time.
      • Businesses want dynamic, new and fresh ideas but my feelings are that a 20-year-old is unlikely to want to stay with one company.
      • I won't reveal to you my feelings about such an idea (although I'm sure you can imagine).
      • They show a high respect for the feelings and beliefs of others.
      • Far from being merely functional, it engages with the ideas and feelings of the people who see it around the world.
      • Then, although he belongs to his society, he changes it, presenting it with fresh feelings, fresh ideas.
      • The same feeling had been experienced by Russian intellectuals in 1917.
      • I want you to listen what he said, what his sense, what his feeling is right now.
      • So going back to your opening remark, if people are willing to share this information with me, then I will do something with it, but all I get are very vague feelings.
      • It illustrates how our society is unravelling, through the substitution of irrational feelings for demonstrable facts.
      • That's the trouble with feelings - they are irrational and highly personal.
      • It is a state of mind, a feeling, an attitude that can be worn like a shamrock on a lapel.

  • 4

    • 4.1(sensitivity, appreciation)

      (to have) a feeling for sth tener sensibilidad para algo
      • you've no feeling for art no tienes sensibilidad para lo artístico

    • 4.2(intuition, impression)

      sensación feminine
      impresión feminine
      I've a feeling that he knows already tengo / me da la sensación / la impresión de que ya lo sabe
      • I have a vague feeling that these different kinds and genres of rants will keep coming and going as this post progresses.
      • The enterprise seems foolhardy, and Stewart does not justify it beyond a vague feeling that he wants adventure.
      • I had a vague feeling that we were kind of heading in that direction in our relationship, but I had expected him to say it first.
      • Sometimes, I just have a feeling that an idea is going to work, but Charlie wants to know why.
      • Throughout, there is a feeling that ideas are floating about in the same way that the characters do.
      • The search for new ideas stems from a feeling that things are running out of control.
      • I had a very strong feeling that there was someone or something in the cave with me.
      • I had a very strong feeling that if I moved into one particular flat my life would change dramatically.
      • At first after my trip to Vietnam, I really did have a real strong feeling that he would answer.
      • When the Hoopers joined us I had a very strong feeling that they would go onto to achieve great things.
      • I have a feeling that in his opinion this ought to be done by the industry's representatives because they know the facts.
      • As I walked down the half-busy streets to work this morning, I could sense the unnerving feeling that people had.
      • Being right then is not a matter of having some recognizable state of mind, a sense or feeling of certainty.
      • You may have experienced that uncanny feeling of impending success.


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