Translation of feign in Spanish:


fingir, v.

Pronunciation /feɪn/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (ignorance/enthusiasm) fingir
    (ignorance/enthusiasm) simular
    he feigned illness/death fingió estar enfermo/muerto
    • he feigned affection for her fingió que le tenía cariño
    • Likewise, fighters who feign wounds or injury to lure the enemy within striking range teach their foes to view enemy wounded as a threat, placing all injured soldiers at risk.
    • Fair enough, there are people who feign injuries and make up claims to make some money, which is totally wrong.
    • One can affect unawareness, feign indifference or summon up some other defense against such entreaties.
    • People said that I feigned injury and that I winked when I was on the stretcher.
    • If a predator approaches an active nest, the adults will give alarm calls and often feign injury to draw the predator away.
    • In rugby union, if a player's thought to be feigning injury, referees have the discretion to order them from the field.
    • Apparently many of his patients try to take him for a ride, feigning injuries to achieve compensation, while other call-outs are totally unnecessary.
    • Anthony and Maxwell are clamouring for her attention, and now the other girls think she's feigning her injury.
    • Luckily for him, his opponent did not feign injury.
    • And if that fails, fall to the ground and feign injury to break up your opponents' attack.
    • When was the last time we heard a manager berate one of his own players on TV for feigning injury, diving, time-wasting or abusing the referee?
    • They are awarded for offences such as grabbing, holding, feigning injury, pushing and turning one's back on an opponent.
    • In a time of snarling footballers and feigned injuries and all-round nasty behaviour, it is good to see two footballers smile and laugh so much.
    • At least three of his opponents claim he feigned injury as a psychological tactic.
    • Being a big coward myself, I think I'd feign an injury rather than be on a team that has to face this Argentinan side.
    • The parents readily feign injury to distract attention from young which can fly at around three weeks.
    • This is like telling the story of a dream by feigning sleep.
    • With knees bent in, they bob back and forth; some of the men almost look like they're feigning broken limbs.
    • She raises her eyebrows looking amused, then pulls her maybe face and feigns falling asleep on me.
  • 2

    (excuse/alibi) inventar
    (excuse/alibi) inventarse
  • 3feigned past participle