Translation of fellowship in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛloʊˌʃɪp/ /ˈfɛlə(ʊ)ʃɪp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(status of a fellow)

      título de
      • He had a University Assistant Lectureship but he did not initially have a college fellowship.
      • At that time Fellows at Cambridge had to be unmarried, and so on his marriage in 1857 Stokes had to give up his fellowship at Pembroke College.
      • In 1907 he was appointed Camden Professor of Ancient History with an official fellowship at Brasenose College.
      • Elected to a fellowship at Trinity College, he became a tutor and lecturer and taught at Cambridge all his life.
      • Sherlock Holmes gets given an honorary fellowship from the Royal Society of Chemistry.
      • Over the next 17 years he honed his general surgery skills, obtained fellowships of the royal colleges, and became surgeon-in-charge at Kowloon Hospital from 1957 to 1963.
      • It appears that men from Lancashire were given preference at this time in the competition for fellowships at Christ's College.
      • Cranmer was given a fellowship at Jesus College, Cambridge in 1510, which he lost when he married the daughter of a local tavern-keeper.
      • Newton proposed Stirling for a fellowship of the Royal Society of London and, on 3 November 1726, Stirling was elected.
      • He was appointed as a university lecturer in the following year and, in 1935, was elected to a fellowship at Pembroke College, Cambridge.
      • After being certified, a surgeon often applies for a fellowship at the American College of Surgeons.
      • He was appointed to a fellowship at Christ's College in 1879 and taught at Cambridge for the rest of his life.
      • Barrow graduated in 1649 and successfully competed for a college fellowship in the same year.
      • In the same year of 1927 he was also elected to a fellowship at Queen's College Oxford.
      • I was getting ready to attend Harvard Law School on a military fellowship that would have required me to return after graduation, typically as a prosecutor.
      • This graduate has now had an academic fellowship at a major university confirmed, and has been appointed a Visiting Professorship at a very prestigious Writing School in the USA.
      • Last year Georgina also won a fellowship to Columbia School of Journalism and New York University.
      • Will recently completed a fellowship at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.
      • Magdalen may well have far more tutors than most other colleges, but far more of these are University fellowships and non-teaching positions.
      • Many college students are getting experience before they graduate by participating in internships, cooperative education, fellowships, and summer work.

    • 1.2(endowment)

      beca de investigación feminine

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    • 2.1literary (companionship)

      hermandad feminine literary
      compañerismo masculine
      • The poolside terrace was packed with diners and people enjoying an evening amongst friends in fun and fellowship.
      • I can recall happy evenings sitting round cheery fires, making our own entertainment, and a wonderful spirit of friendliness and fellowship prevailing.
      • They can take us back to the warm, rich fellowship of friends that are far away.
      • Well, in the first place, I propose good fellowship - good friends all around.
      • We all have another chance for a great educational experience and to renew fellowship with friends we may have not seen in a while.
      • There was also good opportunity to meet brethren from other churches and to renew fellowship with friends.
      • Cottage meetings and religious societies offered a sense of friendship and fellowship, a powerful combination of individual assurance and community discipline.
      • Various social gatherings bring members together for times of fellowship and fun beyond biweekly worship.
      • I would like to get into town more often to share fellowship and attend church more regularly, but at the moment it's once or twice a month for a Sunday service.
      • This had also been a problem in the nineteenth century when it led people first to think carefully as to whom they could share fellowship.
      • Neither can we share fellowship nor even receive desperately needed resources.
      • Its purpose is fellowship and fun and, as with the youth club, is open to all young people of post-primary school age.
      • A full programme of events has been devised to ensure speakers, excursions, fun and fellowship.
      • They're stunned to find that solidarity, and fellowship, are rare even among immigrant groups.
      • Why do we long for fellowship with creatures so different from ourselves?
      • The mood in central London is odd - actually very stoical and with a real sense of fellowship and camaraderie.
      • It was not a roar of hatred or revenge but one of solidarity, of fellowship, of concern.
      • The rest of the night continued with fun, fellowship, and no unexpected interruptions.
      • I hope he finds support and fellowship with other courageous souls like David Morrison.
      • Here, without any sacrifice of honor, is a wide field for good fellowship and tolerance.

    • 2.2Religion

      comunión feminine
      • Alcoholics Anonymous is a world-wide fellowship of people pursuing a goal of abstinence and recovery through their 12 step program.
      • An open public meeting was held in the Community Centre on Saturday night and this was followed by closed meetings of both fellowships on Sunday morning.
      • The fellowships seek to stimulate interest in ethnic-minority mental health research and mental health services by providing financial support and mentoring to doctoral students.
      • Most observers look past church women's organizations, thinking that women's fellowships are only interested in spiritual matters such as Bible reading, praying, and singing.
      • I had tried the youth group thing, but found it to be more of an extension of the social clique at my school than a spiritual fellowship.
      • It is a fellowship of men and women who share strength and hope.
      • It is also your responsibility to encourage them to seek out good Christian friends for fellowship.
      • I'm referring to the actual members of the local congregations, fellowships and brotherhoods that open their hearts and wallets regularly for their faith.
      • The sole purpose of the fellowship of believers was the edification of the church.
      • At least back in Arkansas I had a small fellowship of believers to support me.
      • He had defined the local church as a fellowship of baptised believers.
      • The fellowship of the church puts us in company with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ.
      • Rotary fellowship parties were in progress in all the different regions of Thailand as members came together in fellowship.
      • The family groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experiences, strengths and hopes in order to solve their common problems.

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    (fraternity, association)
    fraternidad feminine