Traducción de female en español:


femenino, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfiˌmeɪl/ /ˈfiːmeɪl/

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  • 1

    • 1.1Biología Botánica Zoología

      (organ/hormone) femenino
      a female elephant/ant un elefante/una hormiga hembra

    • 1.2(of humans)

      (population/suffrage) femenino
      (victim) del sexo femenino
      (ward) de mujeres
      female heir heredera
      • female prisoner presa
      • female graduates licenciadas
      • that's a typically female reaction esa es una típica reacción femenina / de mujer

  • 2

    (thread/socket/coupling) (invariable adjective) hembra


  • 1

    Botánica Zoología
    hembra femenino
    • The cubs are cared for by all the females in the pride, and will suckle from other females as well as from their mother.
    • The females manoeuvre for position in the middle of the shoal - with the biggest in the centre.
    • The sharks stay as late as December some years, before the females head north into Mozambique.
    • The females enter the spawning bays a few days later and spawning normally occurs around dawn and dusk.
    • It is the females that inflict the bite to extract the blood they need to assist the production of their eggs.
    • When the females arrive they rest up in deeper water until conditions are perfect for spawning.
    • The life cycle begins as the adult female lays its eggs while burrowing into the skin.
    • The young aphids mature to be winged or wingless females, which give birth to living young during the summer.
    • The males have brilliant sky-blue wings while the females are brown and far less conspicuous.
    • Females live about forty days and lay from 125 to 250 eggs.
  • 2

    (woman, girl)
    • 2.1(in official reports)

      mujer femenino
      a female aged 32 una mujer de 32 años

    • 2.2 despectivo

      mujer femenino