Traducción de female condom en español:

female condom

condón femenino, n.


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    condón femenino masculino
    • Nursing students at Ryerson University are hoping to shed some light on a relatively unknown contraceptive - the female condom.
    • But, the concept for the female condom (in contradistinction to the male condom) is that it puts the locus of negotiation in the hands of the women.
    • Condoms, female condoms, sterile needle exchanges, and drug treatment are key preventive measures in women.
    • Another barrier choice is the female condom which is inserted into the woman's vagina.
    • Failure is less likely with latex condoms than with polyurethane condoms or female condoms.
    • The committee would also work on standards for condoms made of synthetic materials, female condoms and a condom better suited for use by gay men.
    • As female condoms are still comparatively expensive and uncommon, male condoms are heavily relied on as the major safer sex resource.
    • A female condom is placed in the vagina, covering the vaginal walls and the entrance to the cervix.
    • The device also could reduce the risk of pregnancy or infection with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases by acting as a female condom, according to Ehlers.
    • Women desperately need protection from HIV through female controlled-options, such as microbicides and female condoms.
    • Given the low availability of female condoms, it was important to find other way that women can protect themselves, she said.
    • I still think it is good that there are female condoms, for anyone who wants to use them or for people with latex allergies.
    • Although female condoms increase women's options, they are costly and their use may still require their partner's consent.
    • You can buy male and female condoms from chemists, as well as from vending machines, supermarkets, garages and other shops.
    • A barrier method such as a male or female condom must be used during sexual intercourse to protect against STIs.