Translation of feminism in Spanish:


feminismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛməˌnɪzəm/ /ˈfɛmɪnɪz(ə)m/

Definition of feminismo in Spanish


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    feminismo masculine
    • Liberal feminism has equal rights for men and women as its major concern.
    • Liberal feminism looks at the roles women play in world politics and asks why they are marginalized.
    • There are few persons today who would openly oppose the general principles of equality that drive feminism.
    • The Government must be proud of its feminism and of what it claims to stand for.
    • Did militant feminism require women to give up their womanhood and adopt masculinity?
    • One would like to request the filmmaker at least to do some reading on feminism.
    • The other aspect of her conservatism which seems most unsavoury today is her hostility to feminism.
    • At some other point in the interview he accused feminism of being a father-hating movement.
    • For liberal feminism, censorship in one area cannot be separated from censorship in another.
    • Militarism was developed as an antidote to feminism just as much as it was designed to fight socialism.
    • Aggressive feminism and political correctness have filled the vacuum of religious authority.
    • Not every dictionary or thesaurus acknowledges the opposite of feminism and feminist.
    • But if it does need more explanation, let me do so by looking at the history of feminism.
    • This was not feminism, indeed the second wave of feminism was largely a reaction against it.
    • As a man who is committed to social justice, I have always been a supporter of feminism.
    • Of course there were feminists, but this was a long time before feminism went mainstream.
    • Archival feminist film research is one central strand of feminism and film studies.
    • This is one part of feminism which will never be subject to revisionism.