Translation of feminize in Spanish:


feminizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛməˌnaɪz/ /ˈfɛmɪnʌɪz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • He argues that professionalization emerged as an ideology used by women and men social workers to overcome their marginal status and gain respectability in a new and increasingly feminized job market in the 20th century.
    • In the 1930s the Soviet retail workforce was increasingly feminized.
    • Over time, this element of her story is lost, and she is increasingly configured as a highly feminized martyr.
    • Will his sex-change also feminize his personality, his attitudes, his spirit, and thus endanger my male friendship with him?
    • The appointment of a woman as secretary-general of the Department of Education feminises the Irish education system to an astonishing degree.
    • To feminise it, it's all about accessories: the make-up and hair.
    • We need to feminise economics and take seriously the new politics of gender, time and care if we are to nurture families in the new economy.
    • For this group of men who won't feminise their behaviour, Britain is becoming increasingly unwelcoming.
    • I would feminise global politics and take to task those countries which refuse to co-operate with treaties such as the Kyoto Agreement.
    • Efforts have been made to feminise its content and to cover issues such as environmental damage and domestic abuse.
    • In contrast to the state-sanctioned violence of the first scene, the violence that dominates the rest of the play is feminized.
    • Once, however, Maria has entered the von Trapp household, she actively humanises, harmonises, and feminises these new environs.
    • The treatment feminised the past: it is veiled and mysterious, but might be available to us with the right chat-up line.
    • Interestingly the practice among American surgeons has changed over the last few years - as it has in Australia, which is not to jump in too early with an operation which will feminise the baby.
    • The male singer avoids being feminized principally through two linguistic devices.
    • The men who have entered female types of work are then contrasted with those that work in male jobs which are feminising, to illustrate some of the processes of marginalisation.
    • On the other hand, there is evidence that some individual service sector occupations have been feminised with a replacement of male by female labour and some decline in male relative wage rates.
    • That's why I was really happy to play a character who's not overly feminized.
    • Whereas Amelia is presented as masculinized, Rhyme appears feminized.