Translation of fence post in Spanish:

fence post

poste, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛns ˌpoʊst/

Definition of poste in Spanish


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    poste masculine
    • Drive a metal fence post into the ground inside the cage and wire it to the fencing to prevent high winds from tipping the tower over.
    • A metal fence post was found nearby and it has been used to chip chunks of stone from the other pillars and the monument itself.
    • The magnet grabs the metal fence post and holds the gate securely when loading.
    • A couple spoke today of their escape after they narrowly avoided being impaled on a stake after their car crashed into a fence post which sliced through their engine and into the passenger compartment.
    • Luke Williams stood along the deserted highway throwing rocks at a fence post, pretending he was pitching in the World Series.
    • A nice feature about the post spike is, if the fence post breaks, all you have to do is remove the broken post and add a new one.
    • Then run the wire over to the other fence post, wrap it around the post and secure it with staples.
    • Other guys like their girls thin as a fence post.
    • As we talked, Larry leaned on a cedar fence post, squinting in the noonday sun, and pointed out landmarks on the Bush ranch, three quarters of a mile away.
    • Admin assistant Emma Carter can't believe she's still alive after a dramatic crash yesterday left her upside down inside the roof of her car with a fence post stuck in the engine.
    • Where once my fence post stood - well, it had actually been lying down on the grass for quite a while - was a newly erected pole.
    • The propeller from the boat's engine was embedded 6 inches into a fence post.
    • It seems Harry got into the pond through a broken fence post.
    • Remember a wet fence post is also a good conductor of current to earth.
    • The car ploughed off the road and hit a fence post that crashed through the windscreen, leaving him with severe head injuries.
    • And, to cap it all, we've a brand new glittery brass number plate for the fence post when it's done.
    • About ten minutes later, I saw a bird on a fence post below me, assumed it was another Robin, but had a look anyway.
    • The dog-eared flap of cardboard hung on the fence post, stained by a lengthy exposure to the elements.
    • His car suffered superficial damage and a fence post was broken off where the car hit.