Translation of fend in Spanish:


Pronunciation /fɛnd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to fend for oneself valerse por sí mismo
    • In the wild, if a female with a young one gets killed, other females may take care of the young one till it is old enough to fend for itself.
    • If you're old enough to date him, then you're old enough to fend for yourself.
    • All my chum wants is simple life insurance to cover him and his wife until he retires at age 65, or until his daughter is old enough to fend for herself financially.
    • However, they still chirp for their mother to feed them, until they gain enough independence and fend for themselves.
    • However, they are all talented enough to fend for themselves.
    • There are many opportunities available for those who are willing to work hard and fend for themselves.
    • Stroke victims are worried about what will happen to them if they are turfed out of the specialist ward to fend for themselves.
    • Instead, she fends for herself, which is harder than she thought, and during the process, she writes a poem in her new journal.
    • I know how to fight and fend for myself, I'm not some little kid.
    • His mother had to struggle hard to fend for herself and her son.