Traducción de fender bender en español:

fender bender

topetón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛndər ˌbɛndər/

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coloquial, humorístico
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    topetón masculino coloquial
    topetazo masculino coloquial
    • He beat up two elderly men in a Maryland suburb in 1999 after a minor fender bender and two years later reached an out-of-court settlement with two women who accused him of assaulting them in a restaurant in the nation's capital.
    • You probably remember it - a woman claimed that she had gotten in a minor fender bender with a man in California.
    • I had had a fender bender with the jet parked to my left.
    • I got out of the car to help the victim and said ‘Hey, it's just a fender bender.’
    • A slow smile crept across my face at the irony of this; a few months earlier Matt had been in a fender bender with Lia and Aly as his passengers, and Aly had been really freaked by the accident for a few days.
    • ‘Thank goodness it was only a fender bender,’ Rutan told reporters.
    • This is in contrast to the use of gasoline, which is a much safer fuel, despite Hollywood movies where a simple fender bender causes a car to explode!
    • It wasn't a fender bender, it was a complete crunch.
    • On his way to a squash game with a friend, Henry gets into a fender bender.
    • Everyone would agree that car accidents - from the most minor fender bender to the worst wrecks - are bad.
    • It's an unattractive sight, like watching a fender bender turn into a forty-car crash.
    • Inherent in the sport of auto racing are fender benders and collisions.
    • The bumpers and the fender usually bear the brunt of the accident; thus, minor accidents are usually called fender benders.
    • From minor fender benders to life-threatening crashes, skateboarding has seen it all.
    • Shrewd design practices can take the sting out of your customers' fender benders.
    • Within one year, I got into two little fender benders, rushing from one thing to another.