Translation of ferociously in Spanish:


con ferocidad, adv.

Pronunciation /fəˈroʊʃəsli/ /fɪˈrəʊʃəsli/


  • 1

    (like a wild beast)
    (snarl/glare/tear) con ferocidad
    • His attention was called to an ugly looking bull dog, which ran toward him and began barking ferociously.
    • Suddenly, he began barking and growling ferociously, baring his teeth and lunging viciously to the extent allowed by his rope.
    • The suspects gained entry by posing as postmen and ferociously attacked the man and his wife."
    • With his first film, he turned ferociously on his tormentors, mocking their hypocritical views on freedom.
    • The novel's working-class protagonist drifts, kills randomly and ferociously.
    • But the family - particularly the ferociously condescending matriarch - find neither her independence of mind nor her want of fortune to their liking.
    • These two battle so ferociously and so expertly that every second of conflict will bring a smile to your face.
    • She gives up arguing with her son, as he ferociously denounces her shortcomings as a mother.
    • In the story, a boy in a cowboy suit stands in a Victorian parlor, while toy soldiers, grown to enormous size, battle ferociously on the rug before him.
    • Danny comes to the plate and hits the ball so ferociously hard that it knocks Robert off his feet when he catches it.
  • 2

    (quarrel) violentamente
    (quarrel) ferozmente
    (resist) como una fiera
    (resist) ferozmente
    the sun beat down ferociously el sol caía a plomo
    • In a ferociously competitive environment, success comes down to relationships.
    • She was ferociously intelligent, passionate about theatre, an astonishing actress and later to be a brilliant director.
    • Your traditional Scottish beer drinker is ferociously loyal to his or her favourite pint.
    • It's clear from her biographer's account that she was ferociously ambitious.
    • The man's a ferociously talented writer with a good grasp of character.
    • Summer days can be ferociously hot and winter nights freezing cold.
    • She was ferociously opposed to the out-of-town development.
    • Alas, I cling ferociously to my old ways.
    • The sales reps battled ferociously with each other for accounts.
    • The film was ferociously attacked as blasphemous by the Church, although controversy merely enhanced its popularity.