Traducción de ferric en español:


férrico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛrɪk/

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    • Without chromium, however, this alloy is vulnerable to corrosion attack in reducing acids when oxidizing salts such as ferric or cupric chloride are present, even in the parts-per-million range.
    • Mix the ferric ammonium citrate and oxalic acid well, then add the silver nitrate.
    • For his new process, Talbot used ferric chloride, a chemical both inexpensive and one where the depth of etching could easily be controlled.
    • Some mine waters may be appreciably acid in character and these are more aggressive, especially where they contain iron salts, particularly ferric chloride.
    • It was mixed in a water-based solution of cobalt thiocyanate, ferric chloride, and various acids.