Translation of fertility in Spanish:


fertilidad, n.

Pronunciation /fərˈtɪlədi/ /fəˈtɪlɪti/ /fəːˈtɪlɪti/

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    (of woman, animal, plant)
    fertilidad feminine
    (drug/clinic) (before noun) Medicine para el tratamiento de la infertilidad
    fertility symbol símbolo de fertilidad
    • Currently, stem cells used for research largely come from embryos leftover from fertility clinics.
    • Four of the eight QTL for reduced homozygous seed set are colocated with QTL associated with reduced male fertility.
    • Several herbs are notable for boosting fertility, too.
    • Treatment can also affect your fertility or ability to have children.
    • Yes, a woman's fertility correlates exactly to the phase of the moon at the time of her own birth.
    • Falling fertility has also become a major source of demographic concern.
    • It is part of the attire of a Bosporan priestess to Demeter, goddess of fertility.
    • Neither of these surgeries were done to improve her fertility.
    • Our results further show that the extent of hybrid male fertility varies somewhat with the particular parental strains used.
    • This paper develops a rational choice model of the fertility of single women in the presence of government transfers.
    • Nearby, childless couples seek prayers and potions for fertility.
    • The families of both the bride and groom prepare puffed rice for the ceremony as a symbol of fertility and good luck.
    • The 2000 Census tells us the U.S. population will double every 54 years if fertility and immigration remain the same.
    • The Wicca see the cauldron as a symbol of the Goddess, the manifested essence of femininity and fertility.
    • In Bulgarian tradition, the coffin of Christ stays for a week in the church and people crawl underneath for health and fertility.
    • One is the King of the waxing year, of life, growth, and fertility.
    • Natural Family Planning cooperates with the natural law and teaches that fertility is to be treasured, not feared.
    • Miller's research on turtle fertility involved turning the living turtle over and examining the ovaries by means of an endoscope.
    • Fertility is regarded as a unified principle, equally held by male and female forces.
    • Fertility is a highly personal and sensitive area of human life.
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    (of soil)
    fertilidad feminine
    • Galileo's work in mechanics testifies to the fertility of these concepts.
    • As we drove through the countryside I could see the evidence of the incredible fertility.
    • Such soil as occurs is usually shallow, leached and mildly acid, and of generally low fertility.
    • Good soil possesses oxygen, warmth, humidity, and fertility.
    • Natural soil texture and fertility also play a role in when and how much additional fertilizer plants need.
    • Despite high fertility, juvenile plants are rare.
    • The increased fertility was better for stocking.
    • One solution might be to plant triploid trees if they prove to have low fertility.
    • These sites had greater light, moisture, and soil fertility than mature forests or summer clearcuts.
    • Manure nutrients help build and maintain soil fertility.
    • Lower fertility of land meant an increase in the cost of food, resulting in higher wages and therefore lower profits.
    • This shouldn't be a surprise, but it helps us to see the continuing relevance and fertility of his thought.
    • Third, reduced pollen and seed fertility may both indirectly result from this deleterious effect.
    • The strategy of producing triploids of low fertility has been exploited in the production of seedless fruit.
    • For soil fertility, I used bases/alumina molar ratios as a chemical index of soil fertility suitable for paleosols.
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    (of mind, imagination)
    fertilidad feminine
    fecundidad feminine