Translation of fertility treatment in Spanish:

fertility treatment

tratamiento de fertilidad, n.


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    tratamiento de fertilidad masculine
    • About a quarter of the states require health plans to provide coverage for at least some fertility treatments.
    • We have come here to debate the issues relating to fertility treatment.
    • The increase in multiple births due to fertility treatments has caused concern among doctors.
    • People seeking fertility treatment in the UK should have the freedom to decide to conceive.
    • Thanks to fertility treatments, the percentage of twin births in the U.S. has nearly doubled in the past 20 years.
    • Two weeks ago, Tracey learned that the fertility treatment was not successful.
    • Clinics that provide fertility treatment have shown little support for changing the law.
    • Ten years earlier she had given birth to premature twins after several cycles of fertility treatment.
    • Julia conceived the twins through fertility treatment after having trouble getting pregnant.
    • Modern fertility treatments are costly, often painful and sometimes work too well.