Translation of fervent in Spanish:


ferviente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfərvənt/ /ˈfəːv(ə)nt/

Definition of ferviente in Spanish


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    (prayer/plea) ferviente
    (love/hope) ferviente
    (desire) ardiente
    (desire) ferviente
    (believer/patriot) ferviente
    (believer/patriot) fervoroso
    • The sheer reverence and admiration for these legends could be readily manipulated into fervent nationalist passion.
    • For them, there was only one prerequisite to opening a dancehall: a fervent passion for music and entertainment.
    • But, dressed in yellow, she led her musicians with a fervent intensity.
    • And that fervent intensity so early in the morning… somehow a man gets to thinking too.
    • The letter bears no signature and no address; it's at once passionate and oblique, fervent and cryptic.
    • While the rhetoric may speak of a learning year for the team and drivers alike, there is a fervent passion and desire for success within the squad.
    • My father's passion was a very fervent one, and I think that definitely rubbed off on all of us.
    • Otherwise, how are we to explain Neruda's fervent and impassioned commitment to the working class?
    • A fervent Hull City supporter and former Uppingham School pupil, Mr Carver was also interested in gardens and historic houses.
    • While the Guardian campaign might have fired up voters, the Republicans ran a fervent campaign to mobilise supporters in rural Ohio.
    • Among the Democrats' richest and most fervent supporters, this may be the number one issue.
    • Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen and others were also fervent supporters of this doctrine.
    • Labour also believes that fervent Tory supporters were among the team counting the votes, and believes it to be unjust.
    • Hitler was born an Austrian, and during the Nazi period many Austrians were among his most fervent supporters.
    • They were white Afrikaners and fervent supporters of apartheid; their daughter was black.
    • In that he was successful beyond the wildest dreams of even the most fervent supporter.
    • Chen's speech may have disappointed pro-independence voters in Taiwan who are his fervent supporters.
    • He was an outspoken abolitionist and a fervent supporter of Reconstruction.
    • The previous government of Jose Maria Aznar was one of the most fervent supporters of military action.
    • He was a fervent supporter of air power and had, unlike some of his colleagues, little faith in battleships.