Translation of fervently in Spanish:


fervientemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfərvəntli/ /ˈfəːv(ə)ntli/


  • 1

    (desire/hope) fervientemente
    (speak/plead) con fervor
    she's fervently committed to the cause trabaja con ardor / fervor por la causa
    • Never have I more fervently wished for the return of the silent film era.
    • Nobody believes more fervently in the American Dream than he does, yet the dream has somehow eluded him.
    • This is his best film, and I fervently hope it will not be the last.
    • He was largely self-educated, a militant atheist, and believed fervently in man's capacity for self-improvement.
    • It's a fervently political film that should compel viewers to action.
    • Students were working as fervently as ever.
    • Poe continued to write fervently and was published in several magazines of his day.
    • Marie clings fervently to the hope that he will soon return.
    • I prayed very fervently for my mother's recovery.
    • I wished fervently to be back in the safety of my room.