Traducción de fester en español:


enconarse, v.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛstər/ /ˈfɛstə/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (wound) enconarse
    a festering sore una llaga purulenta
    • By then the wound had festered and gangrene was starting to set in.
    • They have never seen leprosy or festering abscesses or sores that do not heal.
    • The 13 year-old suffered from serious skin ulcers on his right knee and the wound festered upward to his thigh.
    • From what I could see in the darkness his flesh was purple and soaked with dried blood under his clothes, and some of the wounds were festering.
    • Her only hope now was that he might yet die a slow death if the wound festered.
    • Where open wounds festered, the flies were so thick as to make the wound seem to be a writhing metallic black mass.
    • Sores festered on her face and arms and a terrible stench clung to the air surrounding her.
    • A priest saw him right away, and the wounds did not fester.
    • Stomach wounds fester and kill slowly if they don't kill quickly.
    • Something had bitten him in the leg, and the wound had festered - it had opened up all the way to the bone.
    • People generally try to avoid brown recluse spiders because their bites fester into painful sores.
    • The open sores had been festering unnoticed and to this, he applied some poultices.
    • Burstyn's pills lead her to delusion and madness; Leto's arm festers with an infected sore from too many needles.
    • Clearly this was a sore that had been festering for some time.
    • If you allow a small sore like this to fester, it could become a major malady.
    • Some of the villagers also suffered from festering sores caused by the pollution.
    • Its body was covered in festering sores, oozing revolting yellowish pus.
    • Otherwise, new injuries will continue to be inflicted everyday, while the old wounds fester.
    • Musket balls tear through their flesh; gaping wounds ooze and fester.
    • When we brought you in here, the wounds were infected and festering.
  • 2

    (feeling) enconarse
    anger festered into a deep resentment la ira degeneró en un profundo resentimiento
    • Sinclair's likely departure will raise further questions about how last week's shake-up was handled and what long-term dissatisfaction may fester among others who lost out.
    • The threat may ultimately have less to do with competitive fire than with a readiness to let resentments fester and anger flare without feeling any need to bridle emotions or discipline his temper.
    • Without freedom of the press, such problems will only fester, and that is not in the long-term interest of the United States.
    • Which is to say, the problem has festered for so long that it is big, and effective responses won't be cheap in the short run.
    • It merely bought time, while problems festered and ideologies of violence took hold.
    • But why has the Lebanese government let this problem fester?
    • Social problems have festered, as reflected in the 45 million Americans without health insurance, the decay of the public schools and the growth of hunger and homelessness.
    • While she battles the terrorist monsters, economic problems have festered.
    • And while the Fed bides time, the problem only festers.
    • Yet, dismayingly, the Government retracted many of these commitments this week - and the numbers problem festers on.
    • Or is it more likely a case of increased recognition of the harsh reality that acute financial problems are festering beneath the surface of the U.S. and global Credit systems?
    • Nevertheless, to ensure that there are no problems still festering, it is our intention to carry out a final audit of the equipment prior to expiry of the warranty agreement.
    • For three days Charles remained locked up, his feelings festering and burning inside him.
    • But the longer the recovery lasted, the more the problems festered.
    • Despite these benefits, numerous problems festered beneath the surface.
    • Their feelings festered until, six years later, it blew up spectacularly before the World Cup.
    • I think I am going to let the problem fester until then.
    • After a six-week period, during which the problem simply festered, the company brought in a crew of scab miners.
    • But by ignoring the problems now festering in the heartland, Congress and the White House will end up diluting the fiscal stimulus over which they are battling so hard.