Translation of festivity in Spanish:


celebración, n.

Pronunciation /fɛˈstɪvədi/ /fɛˈstɪvɪti/


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    celebración feminine
    festividad feminine
    • The annual Killybegs Festival was an extravaganza of display and festivity to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Killybegs Fishermen's Organisation.
    • Even though the appearance put in by the celebrity was all too brief (her name did not figure in the invitation card), the dose of glamour proved to be just the kind of kick start desired by the organisers, in this season of festivity.
    • In an age when every moment of festivity is celebrated only by being swallowed by the endless advertising of Multi-National Corporations, it's easy to forget what life truly is about.
    • It is the season for festivity, and Carnatica has learnt from past experience that many youngsters are keen to devote time to learn a song that can come in handy for a community performance.
    • The bunting still flying after the Tinnahinch v Castletown for the county final gave the village an atmosphere of festivity with plenty to celebrate.
    • This year I'm getting three times as much festivity by celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, US Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    • It defies the cold grip of the season by indulging in festivity.
    • Carnival, an important festival that precedes Lent, is celebrated with much festivity.
    • The New Year celebrations go on for longer, meaning that Scots tend to think of the period as a single time of celebration and festivity.
    • This most important fundraising event in aid of the Helvick Head Lifeboat, has become a day of festivity and celebration for people of all ages, and was recently featured in the TG4 TV programme Abair Amhran.
    • Beyond the night itself they have made tremendous efforts to maintain a sense of festivity with their Winter Festival programmes of mulled wine and international market stalls.
    • It is planned over a period of 6 months, and culminates in weekend of celebration and splendid festivity.
    • The newspaper warned its readers not ‘to wink at such excesses, merely because they occur at a season of festivity.’
    • The festivity of the season brought joy to Sheenara.
    • This occasion is celebrated with much festivity - dancing, eating, and drinking.
    • The treasure of the piece has to be Donner and Blitzen, an archetypal Christmas track complete with sleighbells; full of enough good will to summon up the spirit of festivity in May.
    • Over the years, other temples in the city too have begun celebrating Pongala in varying degrees of festivity and all of them have turned out to be occasions exclusively for women.
    • For the harvester living and working where the land is not that fertile, ‘there is a feeling of festivity at the start of every harvest season’.
    • At our Queen's golden jubilee nothing was done; no decorations or any public festivity by the council to celebrate what was a great achievement.
    • Come December and the shops get ready for the season and an air of festivity is all around.
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    fiesta feminine