Translation of fetish in Spanish:


fetiche, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛdɪʃ/ /ˈfɛtɪʃ/

Definition of fetiche in Spanish


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    fetiche masculine
    she has a fetish about cleanliness tiene la manía de la limpieza
    • I always had a fetish for coconut and lamingtons were covered with coconut…
    • It seemed as if she had a fetish for small Manila folders.
    • A billionaire who had a fetish for huge buildings and computerized offices wasn't likely to do much meditation.
    • She had a fetish for fixing things up when they didn't look right.
    • I had a fetish for basketball till 8th grade, and was the best girl in the school at it.
    • The nation-head must exercise caution before making personal dietary fetishes into what become political statements.
    • First off, one of my favourite film fetishes is returning, big time.
    • The author has a fetish for war-machines, preferably old-fashioned ones, and the book is written solely to maximise his pleasure.
    • The Prime Minister, who seems to make a fetish of showing that power is not incompatible with panache, is (or so his spokesman says) a Stones fan.
    • Everyone walks in darkness, with habits that have become fetishes.
    • About the time we should have been taking on grownup responsibilities we made a fetish of resisting the Establishment.