Traducción de fetishist en español:


fetichista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛdɪʃɪst/ /ˈfɛtɪʃɪst/

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    fetichista masculino, femenino
    • Upon further investigation, I've discovered "dangling and dipping" are foot fetishist terms.
    • Graduate to four-inch heels, and find yourself a big, strong foot fetishist to carry you about.
    • The killer's relationship with a blind girl adds colour to what might otherwise have been as incomprehensible as the activities of the skin fetishist in the other film.
    • Posting articles about ethical polyamoury on a philanderer's site is like putting pictures of hands on a foot fetishist site.
    • This is the type of behaviour the would be fetishist is most likely to be caught engaging in.
    • The fetishist was today jailed for three years.
    • If he is aroused by some other body part, he may at least be aware of something that distinguishes him from the multitude, without describing himself as a 'fetishist'.
    • I would argue that the confusion between people and objects is the mistake of the fetishist.
    • The naked-lady fetishist, however, is unmoved by such features as hairstyle and clothing, regarding them as distractions and impediments to the one thing that truly interests him - her naked body.
    • The film's lead character sports an outfit seemingly custom-designed to send fetishists into apoplexies.