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feto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfidəs/ /ˈfiːtəs/

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(Britanico foetus)
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    feto masculino
    • A small subset of fetuses with large lung lesions will become hydropic, deteriorate rapidly, and die in utero.
    • Feedback is currently being used in a trial of early versus delayed delivery for preterm, growth retarded fetuses.
    • How well a woman and the fetus do during pregnancy depends upon the type of heart problem.
    • It was perceived that they were the African women who could carry a fetus to full term.
    • Doctors in China will harvest cells taken from aborted human foetuses which will then be injected into Mr Bell's head and spinal cord.
    • Already cloning embryos, using aborted foetuses, gene swapping and gene therapy will mean the long term impacts will be immense on our everyday living.
    • Poorly controlled asthma can lead to serious medical problems for pregnant women and their fetuses.
    • Not every mother agrees that it is desirable to identify and terminate a fetus with Down's syndrome.
    • It just happens that she helps a lot of women to abort their unborn fetuses.
    • Alcohol enters the fetus readily through the placenta and is eliminated by maternal metabolism.
    • The past 20 years have seen rapid advances in the detection of genetic disorders in human fetuses.
    • Developing fetuses, pregnant women, and young children are especially vulnerable.
    • The youngest fetus with Down's syndrome in our sample was 22 weeks old at the time of measuring.
    • The woman is likely to be concerned about the risk of medication to the fetus.
    • Some men have even tried to prevent women having abortions on grounds that the unborn foetus belongs to them.
    • Those who favour abortion cannot accept that a foetus is a human being, exactly the same as a new born baby is a human being.
    • However, fewer than one percent of fetuses become infected when their mother has a recurrent infection.
    • After the eighth week of pregnancy, the developing baby is called a foetus.
    • Use a barrier contraceptive the first month: female fetuses may be adversely affected.
    • Further pregnancies should then pose no risk to the fetus or mother.