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con fiebre, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfiv(ə)rɪʃ/ /ˈfiːv(ə)rɪʃ/

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    con fiebre
    to be feverish estar afiebrado
    • The prodrome may include malaise, chills, a feverish feeling, anorexia and irritability.
    • it's enough to send you spiralling into a cold, feverish sweat.
    • On examination, he was feverish with generalised lymphadenopathy and widespread crusting papulopustular lesions.
    • In the emergency department the man seemed comfortable at rest but was feverish with a temperature of 37.2°C.
    • If you feel sick or feverish, take your temperature as instructed by your doctor or nurse.
    • Wear clothes or pajamas suited to the indoor temperature, even when your child is feverish or has the chills.
    • The vague headache began some time during Friday, but, by evening surgery, I felt decidedly feverish and unwell.
    • If the patient is in severe pain or is feverish antimicrobials such as metronidazole 200 mg thrice daily for up to five days may be indicated.
    • You may feel feverish and the pain may move to the lower right part of the abdomen as inflammation spreads.
    • On the day after their return to Britain, I was asked to see them because both were feverish and unwell.
    • Belladonna is given to people who are feverish and have a sudden throbbing headache.
    • These patients were given hygiene advice and told to return if they became feverish.
    • A couple of days after arriving I came down with a slight feverish head cold.
    • One year ago today, I was lying in the hospital, aching and feverish, nurses unable to start an IV on me.
    • Throughout this period she had been intermittently feverish, anorexic and very much not herself.
    • However, these symptoms may be absent and children may simply become feverish, drowsy and listless.
    • The onset of flu is characterised by feverish shakings and temperature swings.
    • He wished for a doctor, a sterile hospital bed, a cool hand on his feverish forehead.
    • Some children may become feverish, develop a rash or lose their appetite up to ten days after the injection.
    • Two days later, feeling feverish, she went to them and he could tell she was struggling to maintain her composure.
  • 2

    (activity/excitement) febril
    • Each passing year's is usually billed with feverish excitement as ‘the most important of his political life’.
    • And when Ronaldo drove home, not once, but twice, the excitement reached a feverish pitch.
    • It is more than telling that a well-nigh feverish and frenetic cult of the personality is at the core of this powerful display.
    • Off they drive, Nic still with an excited, feverish grin on his face.
    • Our choir leader, Roz, broke the news, sending a shock wave of feverish excitement around the Scout hut where we practise.
    • Nyna felt absolutely feverish with energy as she grasped the controls of the ship.
    • The city of Mumbai remains in a feverish pitch of excitement throughout this period.
    • For the past week, hundreds of lorries and workmen have passed through the castle gates as feverish activity went on inside the grounds.
    • Rakovski moved on to Romania, where he continued his feverish journalistic and revolutionary activities.
    • Last night saw some feverish activity preparing the basic brine to make bacon with the belly pork, and finding a suitable vessel in which to do the curing.
    • Never in its history had that little school seen such feverish activity.
    • The club was placed into administrative receivership after a day of feverish activity at Kenilworth Road.
    • During this time of feverish activity, the life of the trifolau, dialect for truffle hunter, is a hard one.
    • This is in stark contrast to the feverish construction activity at the two sites only a few weeks ago.
    • Search as you may, you can find no evidence of all that feverish activity, but you know it's here.
    • However, after some feverish activity, Volkswagen is readying its entrant and it should be on show at Frankfurt next autumn.
    • Finally came the time of machines, and rhythms of life became increasingly feverish and frantic.
    • Three years ago my father, Morgan Johnson, called me up cell phone to cell phone, in a state of feverish agitation.
    • One evening he was sitting puzzling over a problem, talking to himself and becoming more and more feverish and restless.
    • An outbreak of feverish media coverage has been unleashed upon the United States.