Translation of few in Spanish:


pocos, adj.

Pronunciation /fju/ /fjuː/

adjective fewer, fewest

  • 1

    (not many)
    few people know about this lo sabe poca gente
    • she's one of the few people who admire him es una de las pocas personas que lo admiran
    • the / what few chances I had las pocas posibilidades que tenía
    • with very few exceptions con muy pocas excepciones
    • some few trivial errors excepted exceptuando alguno que otro error sin importancia
    • there were far too few chairs había poquísimas sillas
    • six books too few were delivered entregaron seis libros de menos
    • every few days cada pocos días
    • the last few days have been difficult estos últimos días han sido difíciles
    • there were fewer people than usual había menos gente que de costumbre
    • I had one card fewer than the others tenía una carta menos que los demás
    • fewer and fewer trains stop here cada vez paran menos trenes aquí
    • the fewest possible alterations el menor número posible de cambios
    • Sport is full of unusual people of high ability, but very few of them are film stars.
    • His education, he told me, was unlikely to get him a decent job and he had few friends.
    • Try to be nice about it though and offer them a can of beer or you will make few friends.
    • Jeff and I were one of the few friends that were lucky to get lockers next to each other.
    • It is one of the few abbeys to have survived to the present day as a parish church.
    • In fact it is a great place to take kids of all ages - relaxing and with few long queues.
    • If we lose or draw, then I wouldn't see us being able to make up that ground in so few games.
    • This time there are three too many who do not watch them and three too few who do.
    • It's a sorry thing to say, but very few objects in my home give me a pure aesthetic thrill.
    • These parties may win many of their votes on the race issue, but they win very few votes.
    • The few people who do go shooting on this land only get what is needed for the pot.
    • There were no airs and very few graces, just a good eye and an uncomplicated swing at the ball.
    • There are few people in this world who deserve any or all of the adulation they receive.
    • He also spared few people his assurances that just about no one was as powerful as he was.
    • It is one of Cumbria's few evergreen flora of the fells and can be seen all year round.
    • There were so many of them and so few tables that some of them were forced to share.
    • It needs to have a mass appeal so it stays firmly in the mainstream and takes few risks.
    • The Thals are one of the very few powers in this world able to make me root for the Daleks.
    • Hall is one of those who left the pit, with few regrets, as soon as he was paid to do so.
    • There are very few close ups and at times its hard to tell whose doing what to whom and why.
  • 2a few

    a few people complained algunos se quejaron
    • we'll stay a few weeks longer nos vamos a quedar unas / algunas semanas más
    • I've been there a few times he estado allí unas cuantas veces

pronoun fewer, fewest

  • 1

    (not many)
    few were willing to help pocos estaban dispuestos a ayudar
    • the few who did come refused to dance los pocos que vinieron no quisieron bailar
    • we have too few to go around no tenemos suficientes para todos
    • only the few will appreciate these subtleties solo una minoría apreciará estas sutilezas
    • as few as 30% pass first time tan solo un 30% aprueba a la primera
    • such exceptions are few (in number) esas excepciones son raras
    • fewer than 200 tickets have been sold se han vendido menos de 200 entradas
    • few attempt to escape and even fewer succeed muy pocos intentan escapar y son aún menos los que lo logran
    • few of his stories are true muy pocas de sus historias son ciertas
    • there are fewer of us/them than last time somos/son menos que la última vez
    • Now returned to her, we hoped it would help answer a few questions about the old boy.
    • Well buy a few of them and stick your chocolate in that, it won't get warmer or go dead cold.
    • Not as simple or elegant as the original, but a few of the additions are pretty good.
    • These are just a few of the instances that I can remember of being let down by the council.
    • Many have attended rehearsal classes five nights a week and a few of them seven days a week.
    • Otherwise, leave a few of the old plants in if there is space and let them set seed.
    • I will be based near a few of the training camps and hope to see what the England boys are doing.
    • If we'd beaten them in a few of those finals people would be saying the exact opposite.
    • As so often with these affairs the pace was furious enough to scare a few of the veterans on show.
    • So we asked a few of them for half a dozen innovations in retail that are getting them excited.
    • There are a few of the lads I used to play with who are now in the first team like Bryan Stewart.
    • I spoke to a few of the lads that I knew at Dewsbury and they encouraged me to come down.
    • Place the warm fennel on the plate and arrange the fish on top with a few of the cucumber pieces.
    • We came up with a few of those by copying and exaggerating things that we and our friends got up to!
    • So, a few of us who would like to keep it going have decided to take it upon ourselves to start it up anew.
    • These are a few of the facts known at the time, you now have to decide, war or no war.
    • What happened was I thought that a few of the posts on my blog were in a different font.
    • The reason for my letter is to ask if I and a few of my fellow fliers are the only ones to object?
    • After the last day in the office on the Friday a few of us went out for beers in Aoyama.
    • She also asked him a few more questions until we were certain he was my twin brother.
  • 2a few

    a few objected algunos se opusieron
    • all but a few casi todos
    • there are hundreds of applicants, but no more than a few are accepted se presentan cientos, pero aceptan solo a unos pocos
    • a few of us complained algunos (de nosotros) nos quejamos
    • more than a few of us are dissatisfied más de uno de nosotros está descontento