Traducción de fickle en español:


veleidoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfɪk(ə)l/

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    (person) veleidoso
    (person) inconstante
    (person) voluble
    the fickle finger of fate el caprichoso dedo del destino
    • Rock music is a harsh world, presided over by a fickle, unforgiving public.
    • Now the impression is of a fickle politician who has lots of ideas but no staying power to see them through.
    • Holidaymakers are a fickle lot, and the next time they might just stay away once and for all.
    • Oh, apparently it's not my fault the writing here is bad - it's yours for being so flighty and fickle.
    • The nation as a whole is too varied, fickle, inconsistent and unclassifiable for that to work.
    • I think another interesting feature of this debate of course, is how fickle public opinion is.
    • However, we consumers are a fickle lot when it comes to dining out.
    • The public is not only fickle, but has a extremely short attention span.
    • But fashion is very fickle and sometimes the things you hate the most end up inspiring you.
    • This is a fickle business where tastes, music and fashions can change at a whim.
    • Unlike Fred who is a creature of habit, I am far more fickle, always in need of new experiences, change and variety.
    • Keeping up with the fickle tastes of fashion is not always easy for the Dutch bulb industry.
    • Forever fickle, he has now become interested in old wooden carvings.
    • What I like here is that people really pay attention and they're not so fickle.
    • They are, like Lincoln, using fickle political morality as the road to political power.
    • The fickle old tentacles of fame have already had far-reaching effects.
    • My superiors however are fickle and dance to a different drum than I do, so it would pay for me not to get my hopes up too high.
    • It's important to do that, because human nature is fickle when it comes to responding to surveys.
    • Likewise, you really have to rush that stage from the beginning as first impressions count in the fickle minds of rap fans.
    • They'd allow people to enjoy the nice weather, which can be unmercifully short and fickle.