Translation of fickleness in Spanish:


veleidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪkəlnəs/ /ˈfɪklnəs/


  • 1

    veleidad feminine
    inconstancia feminine
    volubilidad feminine
    the fickleness of fashion los caprichos de la moda
    • They are continuing with a deeply dishonourable and undemocratic tradition of tightening the reins on what is presumed to be the fickleness and irrationality of democratic politics.
    • He still remains in touch with his fellow strikers, but the arcs of their career paths say much about the fickleness of the game, the way prospects are outwardly manipulated.
    • To some, this indicated a fickleness, a shallowness, an inverted snobbery, an unseemly arrested development.
    • Your tears stain the manuscript as your pen proclaims life's fickleness.
    • Shopping embodies and encourages some of the worst traits in human nature - greed, vanity and fickleness.