Translation of fiddly in Spanish:


complicado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪdli/

adjective fiddlier, fiddliest

  • 1

    (object/apparatus) complicado de usar
    (object/apparatus) difícil de usar
    • I find it very difficult tying hairs on hooks and other small fiddly things with my hands, which these days which never seem to be free of pain.
    • This week it's time for the details, pitfalls and fiddly bits.
    • But those fiddly, pretty styles involving clips and partings everywhere are beyond me.
    • This task took me a couple of hours to complete, mainly because the tags were rather fiddly, but I'm extremely pleased with the results.
    • Everyday things have become fiddly, making a cup of tea is a complicated process when I can hardly see.
    • Soup-making is often viewed as time-consuming and fiddly.
    • The game's main faults are the fiddly control system.
    • A close cousin of radicchio, it is dead fiddly to grow.
    • On a drawer measuring a square inch, that's fiddly work.
    • It dispenses the necessary white stuff delicately with the minimum of fuss while the oafs around you flounder with fiddly lids and squeezy bottles.
    • I found it a bit fiddly, but then I haven't used a different browser since Netscape disappeared from sight about five years back.
    • This ensures that the charcoal is glowing rather than smoking, and gets the fiddly lighting process out of the way before anyone arrives.
    • But as it's not stand-alone and looks a bit fiddly to install and run, it's probably less hassle to save up for a new camera.
    • And you wouldn't believe how fiddly it is to persuade Windows 98 to use only the left hand side of a computer screen.
    • I've not used it before - it was a bit fiddly but I was very impressed.
    • The radio is of the small and fiddly variety, with the controls at the base of the central console, making them hard to reach while driving.
    • Okay, it's not rocket science, but it's still really fiddly, and we're not lying on our backs under a kitchen sink.
    • Like most DVD recorders, the Sony is fiddly to use compared with VHS machines.
    • This, however, is so fiddly and impossible to operate that even my eight-year-old son was stumped.
    • When she cooks, she does not make a fiddly Korean banquet or a tri-coloured roulade with a difficult sauce.