Traducción de fiduciary en español:


fiduciario, adj.

Pronunciación /fəˈd(j)uʃiˌɛri/ /fəˈd(j)uʃ(ə)ri/ /fɪˈdjuːʃ(ə)ri/

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    • However, even with the existence of a central bank that guarantees their solvency, it is not in the interest of the fractional reserve banks to issue fiduciary media as quickly as possible.
    • Furthermore, this tendency is now strengthened by the decrease in the objective exchanged value of money following the increase of fiduciary media issued by the banking system.
    • A second contradiction is related to another limit on the circulation of fiduciary media mentioned by Wicksell, the limit set by the use of precious metals for industrial purposes.
    • Only later did I also become convinced that fluctuations in general business condition were completely dependent on the relationship of the quantity of fiduciary media in circulation to demand.
    • The later the crack-up comes, the longer the period in which the calculation of the entrepreneurs is misguided by the issue of additional fiduciary media.
    • Loss-making firms sustained through the issue of fiduciary media are artificial forms of life, consume accumulated savings, and impoverish society.