Traducción de field officer en español:

field officer

oficial superior, n.


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    oficial superior masculino
    • The brouhaha led to the adoption of the ‘Torricelli principle,’ which required that a top CIA official rather than a field officer approve the hiring of informants with less than Boy Scout backgrounds.
    • The funds will be administered by Anna Gomez, a local field officer with the Australian arm of the international aid organisation Compassion.
    • John Oates, a field officer with the Catholic Education Commission, said: ‘Catholic schools have served Scotland well for a very long time.’
    • Mr Tucker is a county field officer at the RBL's Chelmsford offices and will be representing Essex in the challenge.
    • Of the 11 field officers employed by the Board it is estimated that at least one third of their time is spent supporting the non-government sector in achieving registration.
    • Trevor Dart is the field officer for the Broken Hill Mineral Club - a group of hardy fossickers who travel the countryside often taking their search for rare minerals onto pastoral land.
    • The projects helped communities build their own water systems which they could manage, and together with a USC field officer, they developed a plan to help each other through the food crisis.
    • Becoming a field officer to collect voter data for the 2004 general elections is a new experience for Sunarwati, a resident of Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta.
    • Closely monitoring information from consumer complaints and from field officers enables us to identify and tackle the conduct of the most complained-about traders in York.
    • This system is ideal for a single dispatch center because no matter where the officer is, the dispatcher and field officers can hear the call without requiring manual frequency locating or switching.
    • Field operations at Scottish Development International is a new division, bringing together and expanding the work of the former field officers who have attracted inward investment and trade to Scotland.
    • SNH said the cost of the project, including catching the animals, importation, quarantine, field officers, equipment and monitoring would be spread over a seven-year period.
    • Two project field officers have been appointed by HI-WIDE and will start work with communities developing the local wireless networks next month.
    • The Democrats have several field officers from out of town.
    • It was to be concerned with analyses of all kinds of materials sent in by the Survey's field officers, and it amassed a wealth of sample data.
    • I telephoned the Support Unit at the County Council and spoke with one of the field officers.
    • Peter Douglas, the Royal British Legion's county field officer, stressed the appeal is as vital today, possibly even more so, than it when it was first launched more than 90 years ago.
    • Colin Northridge, county field officer of the British Legion for North and East Yorkshire, encouraged people to mark the two minutes' silence on November 11, when there will be a service at the railway monument.
    • Martin Watkins, county field officer for the Royal British Legion, said: ‘The government is trying to be very low key.’
    • In its drive to acquire human intelligence on the Soviet Union, the agency allowed its field officers to recruit former members of Hitler's SS and excluded war criminals only if their war crimes were a matter of public record.