Traducción de field study en español:

field study

estudio de campo, n.


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    estudio de campo masculino
    • The paper draws on data collected during a four-year field study of the aircraft engine control system industry.
    • Data from a field study were re-examined to test the utility of fractal analysis.
    • Floyd said he and the other French students had done a field study trip to France as part of their course.
    • A few were very competent in geology, both as a result of extensive reading and field study of geological formations and fossils in Britain and in Europe.
    • With the rapid introduction of GMO seed technology, typical long-term field studies are not feasible.
    • Merely observing animals in field studies does not harm them.
    • There appears to be a bias among agricultural economists that field studies are preferred over laboratory experiments.
    • They were also introduced to the latest methods of surveying bats and taught how to conduct field studies.
    • Schools using a Ribble Valley field studies centre will benefit from improved facilities, if a planning application is approved.
    • Characteristics that distinguish field studies from laboratory studies are largely related to expense, logistics, and manpower requirements.